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Comment: Re:Google+ is supremely annoying (Score 1) 339

by Bazouel (#45914435) Attached to: Google Begins To Merge Google+, Gmail Contacts

Your use case better fits Google Apps, which we use for exactly the same purpose as you without a hitch. We registered our domain when GApps was still free, but alas, now it would cost you a bit per user (you can register only one user and use people's private email addresses in a mailing list).

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 897

by Bazouel (#34225166) Attached to: Which Language To Learn?

Not offended at all lol. You speak of truth, well I want to rectify that, because I believe you are wrong, that's all.

To make such a comment that C# is a RAD language, I still think you must not have used it a lot. Or maybe you also consider Java to be a RAD language. In either case, I disagree.

As for why VB developers switched over C#, it's because most of them realized that VB.NET is nothing like VB and in fact it is a half-baked C#.

Comment: Re:the long tradition of bigging up criminals (Score 1) 57

by Bazouel (#34217776) Attached to: The Great Cyberheist

Is the article making the police forces look good ? Hardly. They caught the hackers by luck (thanks to the Russian CC reseller) and it is repeated many times that Gonzalez considered them ignorant and outwitted. The lyric description of the hackers lifestyle rather glorifies them and make them look like superstars, which we all know on slashdot is far from the reality.

Comment: Re:New blacktop for the road to hell (Score 1) 168

by Bazouel (#33743020) Attached to: Giving the Blind Better Web Access

You have obviously never been in Montreal in your life. You go to a store and people greet you in English first. The 101 bill requires that information be also available in French, it does not exclude English. Your comment was informative up to that point. Please stick to what you actually know from experience, not hearsay.

Comment: Re:Loss of confidence (Score 1) 344

by Bazouel (#33404152) Attached to: Google Backs Out of JavaOne

Depending on your definition of what is a "major" database, you may want to add PostgreSQL to your list.

From their site (http://www.postgresql.org/about/)

"PostgreSQL runs stored procedures in more than a dozen programming languages, including Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, C/C++, and its own PL/pgSQL, which is similar to Oracle's PL/SQL. Included with its standard function library are hundreds of built-in functions that range from basic math and string operations to cryptography and Oracle compatibility. Triggers and stored procedures can be written in C and loaded into the database as a library, allowing great flexibility in extending its capabilities. Similarly, PostgreSQL includes a framework that allows developers to define and create their own custom data types along with supporting functions and operators that define their behavior. As a result, a host of advanced data types have been created that range from geometric and spatial primitives to network addresses to even ISBN/ISSN (International Standard Book Number/International Standard Serial Number) data types, all of which can be optionally added to the system."

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