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by Bazman (#47676409) Attached to: Correcting Killer Architecture

The problem with concrete is that it doesn't get enough love and attention, and dirty concrete does look terrible. Maybe in countries with less grime and rain its less of a problem than in the UK. Good clean concrete architecture is amazing though. Why do so many modern buildings hide their concrete and steel behind a skin of brick?

Anyway, get a load of F**k Yeah Brutalism for the best of it. Although a lot of it doesn't exist any more.


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A Pedant Writes: A learning curve is a plot of amount of stuff learnt on the y-axis against time on the x-axis. A steep learning curve means you learn quickly. I avoid using "steep learning curve" which I know in common usage is often taken to mean the opposite of its original meaning and use "slow learning curve", since "slow learning" is less ambiguous, hopefully..

You'll thank me later.

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A university press release, so my money is on the participants being any student wandering round campus who saw the sign offering $5 for doing experiments in the Psychology Dept. Not biased at all.

Press release says the research is coming out in Science today so can check later.

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He's suing the editors, the people who wrote the stuff. A few years back, people would have sued wikipedia for showing the page, the hosting company for hosting the page, the company that maintain the DNS record for WIkipedia and Dell (or whoever) for running the site on their servers.

Not really news.

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If the Turing Test is a test to see if universities can release press releases that the media churn out without doing any basic thinking or background checking then yes. Otherwise no. See

UK university staff are getting more and more pressure to get publicity for their work. Why? Because the student market is much more competitive than it was. Every Uni now has a small army of press and "impact" people who aim to get the Uni in the papers, on twitter, etc etc. Not that Kevin Warwick needs much help with that, he's been doing it for years.

The press release about this so-called Turing Test was pretty much written in a style ideal for lazy journos to cut and paste into Quark Xpress.

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