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Submission + - Chinese Wikipedia unblocked by government (

DragonFire1024 writes: " — According to reports, the government of China has stopped restricting access to the English version of the Chinese Wikipedia.

The report originated on the Wikimedia Foundation's mailing list, although other sites have now covered the development. Wikinews has confirmed that the reports are accurate through discussion with people attempting to access Wikipedia from China.

Despite the report, there are still some issues with accessing the site according. Sources tell Wikinews that although the English version is unblocked, the Chinese version still remains blocked, or hard to access in many parts of the country. This comes after the Chinese unblocking of the all other language variations of Wikipedia few moths ago.

There has been some doubt on whether Wikipedia will remain accessible after the Olympic games. Christiano Moreschi, another active contributor to the English Wikpedia, said that "I doubt this will last 5 minutes beyond the end of the closing ceremony of the Olympics.""

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