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Journal Journal: notes easy exams

Suppose the test is so hard that I, with lesser knowledge, can only answer one question based on actual knowledge. I answer that question, and guess at the other 99. You, who know twice as much as I, can answer two questions based on knowledge. So you guess at 98 answers.

As you can readily imagine, the odds of you getting a higher grade than I are very slight. In fact, over 45 percent of the time, in repeated trials, I would outscore you, even though my knowledge is half that of yours.

I'm confused (or he is). Assume he's talking directly to me, i.e. I'm the guy who knows twice as much as him.

In the long run he will score 1 + ( 99 * 0.5 ) = 50.5.
My expectancy is 2 + ( 98 * 0.5 ) = 51.

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Journal Journal: brum IT

It depends if you have to retrain staff to use the new systems,

Well it would if staff were going to use them. But to me, public ascess terminals kind of means termminals, for public (as in menmbers of, alias Joe) access.

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Journal Journal: unobtainium

You both read it wrong, go read it just one more time, very carefully - - it states 138 is possible but certainly does not indicate it is the heaviest possible.

>138 is certainly possible.

A: It appears so, since we have a top-poster

Q: Did AOL just open a gateway to slashdot?

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Journal Journal: Semantic web

Every medium/large institution has a team somewhere whose mission is to create the Great Amazing Knowledge Sharing XML Driven Generic Information Infrastructure that will enable everyone to find stuff by magic.

Even if it worked technically, everyone is jealous/afraid of their colleagues. In consequence any information they have is hidden and hoarded.

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