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Inkscape 0.47 Released 225

derrida writes "After over a year of intensive development and refactoring, Inkscape 0.47 is out. This version of the SVG-based vector graphics editor brings improved performance and tons of new features, including: timed autosave, Spiro splines, auto-smooth nodes, Eraser tool, new modes in Tweak tool, snapping options toolbar & greater snapping abilities, new live path effects (including Envelope), over 200 preset SVG filters, new Cairo-based PS and EPS export, spell checker, many new extensions, optimized SVG code options, and much more. Additionally, it would be wrong to not mention the hundreds of bug fixes. Check out the full release notes for more information about what has changed, enjoy the screenshots, or just jump right to downloading your package for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X." We've been following the progress of Inkscape for years (2006, 2005, 2004).

Mars Rover, Spirit, Turns 4 149

Brandee07 writes "Designed for a 90 day mission, the Spirit Mars Rover is starting its 4th year of exploration. Spirit's sister-module, Opportunity, will turn four on Jan 25. 'We never thought we'd still be driving these robots all over Mars,' said Mark Lemmon, a planetary scientist at Texas A&M University and member of the rover science team. 'We joked about driving Opportunity into Victoria Crater, but now we're there, and we're looking at doing even more science. Each day they still work is an amazing one.'"

Submission + - Cloud OS Uses Vista Leftover Wallpapers (

domento writes: Introducing Xcerion — a cloud operating system that uses the leftover wallpapers from Windows Vista, courtesy of Hamad Darwish. Windows Vista managed to turn Hamad Darwish into a veritable star and to spread his photography worldwide, as no less than five of his images are now integrated into the operating system among the default wallpapers. But, Darwish also had to deal with quite a consistent package of photographs, which he took when he was commissioned to do the photoshoot for Vista. Following the launch on the operating system, the remaining Vista wallpapers that were either not submitted to Microsoft, or not chosen to ship with the operating system, became available for download. Some of those wallpapers are now featured by the Internet-based Xcerion operating system...

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