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Comment Re: The Republicans are destroying our lives (Score 1) 186

I have done plenty of group projects. It works best when you reasonably present good ideas, work with others, and show respect. We all encounter stupid people in our lives. That is normal. If everyone you meet is stupid, then chances are you're the stupid one.

Again, if the people negotiating weren't responsible for it's contents, and the people not negotiating can't be responsible, then who is responsible for it's contents?

Comment Re:She will ether be president or prisoner. (Score 1) 634

The documents don't have to be marked classified. It's the information that is classified, not the document. Hillary Clinton knows this because she signed a non disclosure agreement that clearly states. This is the same NDA that David Petraeus signed, and was prosecuted for violating.

She clearly violated this agreement in multiple ways, and anyone who takes 5 minutes to read it cannot deny that as a fact.

Comment Re:She will ether be president or prisoner. (Score 1) 634

If she's seen as the inevitable nominee, it's less likely that she will be indicted. But every time that BS proves himself as a viable candidate, the likelihood of Obama allowing an indictment goes up. Last I looked BS was way ahead in NH. This is how it works in a Democratic administration. When a Republican is president a special counsel is appointed in a matter of weeks.

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