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Comment: Re:symbols, caps, numbers (Score 2) 546

by Barny (#48136823) Attached to: Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct

And yet this exact 'verification' was a way to steal control of accounts a while back.

Basically, apple asked for the first four digits of your CC for secure verification, Amazon asked for the last four. Each were happy to give the four digits at the opposite end of your account and, worse, Amazon would let you add a new CC to your account, verify yourself with that credit card, then provide the other four digits of your other card. This was used, successfully, to attack a person's Icloud account. I am not sure about now, but I really hope both companies have changed their policies, particularly in regards to phone support and scripted replied to requests for control of accounts.

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by Barny (#48111997) Attached to: Accessing One's Own Metadata

Well, the thing is, the reporter is more than happy to pay the same fee as other companies (or the government) would pay to access it. The real kicker is, a similar request was made for a major public official and it was denied because it was 'personal information' which, if that is the case, then they MUST make this data available to the owner of it.

The trick is, of course, for them to have to make requests of every other telco in the country to check if numbers on the list are private. Although the thought that they give such data out to non-government businesses is a little disturbing.

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by Barny (#48008269) Attached to: Utilities Should Worry; Rooftop Solar Could Soon Cut Their Profit

And you think the utilities will suffer because of this? Here in Australia power companies have just started bringing in (opt-in for now) billing at different rates for different times of the day for all a house's power. They will simply make day-time power prices stay the same and increase prices for night-time usage, passing the loss on to customers as they always have.

Quite naive to think a company would accept the losses themselves.

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by Barny (#47936235) Attached to: Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future

Bet you are great fun around kids.

So, in regards to the other stuff, Brain and Brawn series? Planet Pirates? Doona?

I thought we were talking sci-fi, I was referring to the sci-fi books in the Pern series, not the fantasy. If you want to discuss fantasy then I have Elizabeth Moon, Kate Forsyth and Katherine Kerr as my preferred authors.

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For me? Because when the rest of my diet is reduced to basic carbs, a dietary supplement (hospital grade sustagen) and liquids, then sometimes a diet soft drink is preferred.

Can't speak for the rest of people out there, my opinions are my own.

And if you are wondering why the dietary lockdown, crohns + T2 Diabetes. Basically anything with fiber, acid or undigestible matter (seeds, etc) is off the menu.

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Well, the single thing limiting how big a skyscraper we can build right now has nothing to do with structural limits and materials.

Elevator traffic. At some point you reach an elevator event horizon where adding a new floor on top means losing one or more floors at the bottom due to needing more elevators to move people to those new floors.

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