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Comment Re:Given that Air Force brass hate the A-10... (Score 1) 473

Heck, the A-10 might even out-dogfight it...

Jk, really. But yeah, they are going to bias the tests for whatever outcome they want. Then the guys who know all this will ignore the tests and submit a request to have the A-10s maintained for another umpteen years. Then the guys at the top will ignore that and issue them whatever gives the most kickbacks.

Comment Re:Slashdot Tabloids (Score 1) 286

I honestly thought, the first time I saw their article about it, that it was in reference to a game-cheat site.

Yeah there is the 'another internet thing hacked'-ness of it, but that is about all it is. The rest is just a tale of human stupidity, not anything that really belongs here.

Comment Re:One game, one save (Score 2) 70

Take them a step further. Stuff a UUID in each doll, have the console 'sign in' to their online service using the UUID and store the data there. Then it will look just like the data is stored in the doll.

Now, I assume that each and every doll doesn't have a UUID in it. Simple, use that 'single save game' of data you can upload to put one in and link it to your account. That way, multiple dolls could link to the same account and saves.

Comment Re:World Wide? (Score 1) 207

Yeah, good call. The BBC news channel added that, and Slashdot copied them.


Is the original press release and seems to only say that it will be released for Amazon Prime viewers, not mentioning anything about being a "worldwide release".

Comment World Wide? (Score 5, Insightful) 207

I figured I would try it. I signed up for it, Amazon happily took my credit card details and, after they were potentially billing me (yeah I know first month is free), they tell me I can't watch it from my location. Now, I know they have my address on file. I know they can figure out what country my visa card was issued. You would think they would warn me that I cannot view their apparently 'world wide' service from Australia.

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