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Comment: Re:What does this mean? (Score 1) 396 396

Except this has nothing to do with the government (except of course for the outcome of the referendum). This is basically the bank internally speculating in regards to what would happen and what they would need to do to keep afloat in a very turbulent section of the world (should Brexit happen, that is).

The linked article makes no use whatsoever of the phrase "Top-Secret". It is a secret of the bank's, sure, but Top-Secret refers to official government secrets.

Basically, Slashdot's getting into the click-bait business now.

Comment: Re:Ok, but the real question is... (Score 5, Funny) 531 531

Then you didn't read. These tiles show up when you click 'new tab'.

You will get a set of tiles that include your most viewed porn, porn you might like and sponsored porn that they hope you will be into.

You can stop these porn tiles from appearing by simply telling it you want classic new tab, not enhanced porn edition.

Of course this doesn't stop Mozilla from compiling a detailed list of your porn.

Comment: Re:Uber for X (Score 1) 75 75

Are you providing an API? If so, I could make a startup that caters specifically to people on the go! It will Uber Oober, to contact Uber, so you don't have to!

Called Youber, it is a person-centric service for modern professionals who just don't have time to Uber for Uber.

Comment: Re:Thanks to iinet (Score 1) 66 66

Indeed. Been with Internode for a while now and at first wasn't happy with the iiNet buyout, but seeing things like this I am greatly reassured. Now, as for the TPG buyout, I am not sure where things are going to go there.

Would be a shame to have such a good (I use the word in both the moral compass sense, as well as service provided) provider become rolled into just another corporate juggernaut.

Comment: Re: Stupid toys (Score 2) 72 72

Yeah I was going to say...

Saw a program a while back, about RR jet engines. Some of those fan blades are not only so finely machined and built that they are hand-made, but also get internally imaged for problems or stress.

What such tricks with 3d printing do accomplish is they let engineers build a mock-up or scale model from their designs much more efficiently than before.

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