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Comment Chromebooks are taking over the world? really? (Score 1) 182

Garter says there'll be 7.2 million chrome books sold in 2015. That's well below Windows Phone sales numbers and if anyone claimed win phone was taking over the world they'd be locked away. Worse, 70% of those sales are in the education market where they're just used as locked down web browsers which is fine but no kid uses it in the classroom and thinks "wow, I have to ask for one of these for Xmas".

Comment The OEMs did revolt (Score 1) 267

First they refused to go along with windows rt and undercut win8 every chance they could. Then they shoveled a bunch of crappy chrome books out the door. None of that helped, though they were right about winrt. So now they have nowhere to go. It's not like Apple will let them ship osx so what are they supposed to do? Ship Linux systems? Good luck with that...

Nope. They're still hitched to windows because that's what people want, especially now that Win10 is a huge hit.

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