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Comment: Re:Haters gonna hate (Score 1) 510

by Barlo_Mung_42 (#47929071) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9

I'm with you only I really like my Surface 2. Does everything I need when I'm on the go and has been the best travel device I've ever had.
Also, don't fear the hate. Slashdot can be a rough place for we hardy few who are here and like Windows but that's no reason to post anonymously; embrace the hate as it only makes us stronger. (Also, there's more of us here than you might think)

Comment: Re: Virtual Desktops (Workspaces) (Score 1) 510

by Barlo_Mung_42 (#47923087) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9

I could go either way. I think though as long as it doesn't require a third party tool it's "native" just not "out-of-the-box".
It is used natively though, just not in a way you may like. When the security warning pops up and the screen dims a bit that's actually a different desktop environment.

Comment: Re:About Time (Score 4, Insightful) 122

by Barlo_Mung_42 (#47871655) Attached to: Microsoft Agrees To Contempt Order So It Can Appeal Email Privacy Case

They know they won't win. I think MS is trying to force a clear judgment so everyone going forward knows what the rules are. My understanding is that they don't have a good case because the person in the case is a US citizen. If I commit a crime and the evidence is in a Hilton hotel room in the UK nobody expects Hilton to hold onto that evidence just because it happened to be in one of their hotels outside the US.
So I think the concern by other countries is over done. In this case it's a US citizen and a US company. But MS wants that clearly spelled out to reassure people.

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