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Comment: Re:...only a dummy... (Score 1) 49

by CrimsonAvenger (#49631987) Attached to: SpaceX Launch Abort Test Successful

>> Wednesday's test was conducted at Cape Canaveral in Florida, and saw a test vehicle - carrying no humans, only a dummy - hurled skywards by a set of powerful in-built thrusters.

Strange. I don't remember reading anything about there being a member of Congress on board..

Now that's just insulting to crash test dummies everywhere!

Comment: Re:On a similiar note... (Score 2, Interesting) 470

by CrimsonAvenger (#49630145) Attached to: The Medical Bill Mystery
Having gone through the same sort of thing for my cancer, the real reason it took so long is that the Doctor and Insurance Company went round and round trying to sort out who was stuck with paying for things.

Eventually, the doctor will give up and bill the patient....

At which point, you challenge the bill, ask both doctor and insurance company to prove that the bill isn't covered by insurance, and argue about it for a couple more years....

Comment: Re:nonsense (Score 1) 470

by CrimsonAvenger (#49630011) Attached to: The Medical Bill Mystery

I call up my doctor and dentist and make a reservation and am in with a few days and at a time I want, never fails.

Oddly enough, that's just how it works here. Last time I came down with something (two weeks ago, still not quite over it, since it's a two-week+ disease), I called my GP, got an appointment later that morning...

Comment: Re:Teamsters (Score 4, Interesting) 208

by CrimsonAvenger (#49628917) Attached to: Self-Driving Big Rigs Become a Reality

This was never about self-driving cars. This was always about wiping out an entire employment sector and piping even more profit up to the top. And yes, that is a bad thing.

Yeah, and all those combines and harvesters were invented to wipe out farmers and sharecroppers and such. And it WORKED!! There are hardly any sharecroppers left anymore. And not a damn lot of farmers.

Okay, everyone raise their hands who thinks we should disallow that sort of thing, and go back to the early 19th century way of doing things, with one person in three being a farmer?

It should also be noted that most of us are programmers. Once upon a time, "computer" was a job description. Which we, collectively, have put out of business. What's worse, "computers" used to be one of the few technical field dominated by, should we go back to the old days of women "computers" and no electronics? Really?

Face it, progress happens. And removing the need for unnecessary jobs is a good thing. Unless you're a Luddite, of course (you remember the Luddites, right? they objected to machinery taking away the jobs of regular guys)....

Comment: Re:At the same time (Score 1) 303

Yup, if it wasn't Microsoft, all kinds of other companies could have dominated the desktop market. IBM (OS/2), Quarterdeck (DESQview/X), Apple (Mac OS), NeXT (NeXT), any number of *nix companies (X11), and others.

Microsoft got big because they got the consumers interested, and questionable deals with vendors.

Plenty of people only know the tunnel-vision version of computer history and they believe Microsoft is it. They either don't remember (or are too young to have seen) software boxes (ahh, the good ol' days) had logos to indicate which OS they worked on so you could pick the right one.

Comment: Re:this already exists (Score 1) 274

by JWSmythe (#49625111) Attached to: USBKill Transforms a Thumb Drive Into an "Anti-Forensic" Device

Saying "We're sure he had..." without evidence is not evidence. They have to have the evidence that he actually *did* have what is claimed.

That's the hard part. They have to gather the evidence to get the conviction. Without evidence, they can't get a conviction. At least if you have a competent attorney. If you have a crappy one, you'll get the 5 years because they talked you into taking a pre-trial plea agreement. That's how innocent people go to jail.

Comment: hmmmm (Score 4, Insightful) 314

One of the authors thinks the problem may have been due to a leak at a storage tank on the surface. Emphasis on the "may".

Plus there's the concentration issue - parts per trillion doesn't make for much of a problem in any case. Even the authors didn't make this out to be a health problem....

Of course, I could be mistaken, and the companies involved could be part of a massive conspiracy to slaughter Pennsylvanians by the millions.

Yeah, on second thought, I'll have to go with the conspiracy thing. After all, everyone knows that even one part per trillion is too much, and the spill at the storage tank was probably just meant to cover up the deliberate poisoning of the water supply in three counties in rural PA....

Comment: Re:Facebook could help shools more.... (Score 1) 223

If you're kid is not learning because they're on Facebook (or Xbox, or the iPad, or whatever) all the time, you've FAILED as a parent. For some reason, that's accepted nowadays.

I work in schools.
I work in "elementary" schools (we don't call them that, but similar age range).
I work in private "elementary" schools.

I find it vaguely ironic that someone who can't spell "your" (or someone who can't choose the proper form from among "your" and "you're", if you prefer), and who works in various schools, thinks he can pinpoint the failure point in education...

Just curious, did YOUR parents fail you in education?

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