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Comment Re:Wake up, Mozilla morons (Score 5, Informative) 228

Sounds like you want Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR). ESR releases receive a major update only once every 10 months, but still receive the same bugfix and security patches as the regular releases. Also, when you do get updated to a new ESR version, you know that it's one that's already been supported as a regular release for 2 months, so there's very little chance of surprise problems.

The current version is Firefox ESR 38, which was released as ESR on 11 August last year. The next one is ESR 45, coming on 31 May, which will last all the way until 21 March next year.

Hope that helps you.

Comment Re:Holy Cow (Score 1) 228

It's not like they start a new version and then sprint to finish the entire thing and do QA and bugfixes all in 6 weeks. That would be ridiculous. If you look at their release history you see that after starting development on a new version it's 4-5 months before it's ready for release, which is quite a realistic timeframe.

Comment Re:By Design (Score 4, Informative) 188

NoScript is an extension, not a plugin. Those are two completely different kinds of addons. Mozilla's quite particular about that distinction.

Extensions are the things we all know and love, like uBlock, NoScript, GreaseMonkey etc. Plugins are things like Flash, the Java web plugin for running applets, Google Update, Silverlight, and so on. For the most part we really don't need plugins.

Comment Re: I use tab groups... (Score 1) 316

A poll is a good idea, but this one's unlikely to give useful results because of two problems:

- As it stands now, in order to declare that you don't use tab groups you'd have to vote that you DO use Pocket even though you don't, and vice versa, so you risk a lot of false data.

- Plenty of people will notice that you're using a URL shortener when there's no practical reason for doing so, and would be reasonable (if wrong) in assuming that you chose to do so because you firmly believe that few would willingly click on the link if they knew where it goes. As such, a good number of people who would otherwise have participated in your poll instead ignore it, figuring it's probably a goatse prank or something.

Comment Re:Never mind run Chrome extensions... (Score 1) 152

For now.

Consider that in the past Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and many other browsers all used to support the same plugins (which were made according to the Netscape Plugin API). Quite a long time ago IE changed to its own plugin API (ActiveX *shudder*), and Chrome now uses the Pepper Plugin API. There's no reason all the other browsers couldn't eventually move over to PPAPI (or some other one, but PPAPI looks like the best at the moment) and it would be like the old days when plugins didn't need to be made over and over for each individual browser.

Comment Yay (Score 1) 152

This is great news. Firefox is my browser of choice, but having written extensions for both Firefox and Chrome I must say that Chrome is far easier to develop for.

I wasn't expecting this, but it makes sense - with Mozilla focusing on Electrolysis (their project to make Firefox multi-process) the existing API wouldn't work well because it wasn't designed with a multi-process browser in mind. I was expecting them to design a whole new API and then have to go through extensions breaking every few updates as the new API stabilised. Going with an existing API that's already mature and known to work for exactly the kind of architecture they're going for will make the transition a lot easier for both the browser devs and extension authors.

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