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Comment: Re:This this!! A million times this!!! (Score 1) 698

I, too need mod points. I was in the same boat. My father committed suicide when I was 21, a senior in college. I was looking forward to graduating and really getting to know him, not just the parental statue that I had as a kid. I did some things as a teenager that hurt my relationship with my father, which included leaving home, and I really wanted to get to know him as a person.

The single most important thing he left me in the abandoned house was a box of old letters, one to a college crush, for example. My father expressed how he was different, socially, and often didn't know how to initiate dating, etc. It hit really close to home, and just knowing that about him was one of the best things I can ever look back on. Finding something in my deceased father's past that was like a mirror into my own person was a truly invaluable find, and you have no way of knowing what traits she will share with you when she is older, and which ones might give her that kind of cherished connection that she might otherwise not know about.

Let her know who you are. Let her know that you love her without condition. Let her know about all the bad choices ahead, and tell her you know that she will handle them well. Tell her that her boyfriend at 14 is stupid, the boy at 16 can't be trusted, and at 25 you are proud of who she's met, who she has become. Write her letters, take pictures, and be honest. Look ahead to when she is 70, when she has grandchildren that you can never meet, but give her things that she can use to introduce them to you. Leave a mark for her to remember you by, and not the fuzzy memories that we all have.

Pick a few things from every year you have had, and just talk about them. And make some for your wife, too. Talk about every date you can remember, how she looked when you first met.

Comment: Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 323

Of course, there is also always the question of what if you refuse or claim to have "forgotten" it? ;-) What are the recourses? Lock you up in solitary until you comply?

It's a school. Expulsion is the go-to when you are non-compliant.

When I was an asshole teenager, about 16 years ago, I perpetrated cyber-bullying once, and I was caught and called on it; I got suspended for it. A friend printed out about 6 pages from Anarchist' Cookbook and got expelled over it. If anything, the two should have been reversed.

Schools don't exactly have a judicial system, just a "guilty and here's why" system, with arbitrary punishments, with no/negligible oversight. The reach of schools' disciplinary jurisdiction outside of school hours is ludicrous. In my case, the cops should have been called about harassment, not school officials.

But back to the point, a school doesn't need to prove you did anything. In my case, an e-mail was sent from my e-mail address (I can't remember if my name was on it or not), and it was an e-mail sent outside of school hours. I (stupidly) claimed that someone in my class hacked into my Yahoo! e-mail account and sent it. I was completely guilty, of course, but without any link other than an e-mail address, I was suspended. I deserved it, and it was probably obvious, but my point is that they will likely just slam the book at the student because it's easier. Schools don't exactly have a judicial system, just a "guilty and here's why" system, with arbitrary punishments, with no/negligible oversight. The reach of schools' disciplinary jurisdiction outside of school hours is ludicrous. In my case, the cops should have been called about harassment, not school officials.

Comment: Re:ISPs don't want to take Cogent's money (Score 2) 706

by Bardez (#48352461) Attached to: President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility

6) Netflix isn't exactly the white knight that everyone thinks they are. They're a for profit company; one that I stopped doing business with after they decided to double my price with little prior warning. They've cut deals that are detrimental to their customers (i.e., withholding new releases); any other company that behaved in such a fashion would be roundly hated around these parts.

They did double the price, from cheap to still cheap. "Double" as a measurement is relative, and it sounds like it sucks. "Raised by $5" sounds much more reasonable, at least to me.

It has always been -and continues to be- a reasonable price, ever since I rented porn from them when I was a teenager (14 years ago).

Comment: Re:Pft (Score 1) 962

by Bardez (#47534679) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Glad to know that you are mentally sound, of good health, mid-thirties, have a full head of hair, well endowed in the chest and/or genitals, physically attractive (but not overly so), weigh the correct amount for your height, have a nominal muscle mass, have a low count of body hair, speak the local language fluently without accent, have perfect vision and ocular muscle behavior and have had an average number of sexual partners.

Some of us aren't quite so lucky, you insensitive clod!


Comment: Re:Ridiculous! (Score 1) 590

by Bardez (#47469861) Attached to: Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman
I would point out that at no time have I said that Thor cannot or should not be a woman. I pointed out that I do not believe that there was any misogyny as was implied.

The misogyny is actually in the new character of the female Thor, wherein Thor's breastplate now has protrusions for breasts (commonly referred to amongst roleplaying-, comic- and self-proclaimed nerds as "boobplate").

That is misogynist? Are female super heroes supposed to be flat chested? Is there historical context for plate armor built for women? Depicting ideal forms in comics, or any other entertainment, is how it is done. People read comics, or watch movies, or attend plays, to be taken away from reality. Not to be reminded of it.

Btw, how do you feel about codpieces?

I did not say that feminine attributes make the new Thor weaker; I was pointing out a weakness in the armor.

They are putting a weakness on the new Thor in order to make her pretty parts more clearly on display. That, I feel, is the true misogyny.

I believe that addressing codpieces or physical attributes of other female superheroes either in favor of or against is an attempted trap, and will simply acknowledge other superheroes, which are well known to put their endowedness on display, both male and female alike.

[...] Nobody is complaining about Thor being turned into a title. [...]

Personally, I think that turning Thor into a title is the absurdity here. I felt the same about Captain America. I think Thor would have worked as a female in, for example, the Marvel Ultimate universe. One of my favorite Thor moments was in the Marvel vs. DC crossover when Wonder Woman was able to wield Mjolnir; I was disappointed that the Amalgam comics went in a different direction with her.

I'd browse around for more... but honestly, I'm not inclined to do so considering the single word "Ridiculous!" is considered +5 Insightful with this crowd, while obviously thought-out, intelligent calls for discussion by opposing views are considered trolling. Too many signs its time to leave slashdot.

Actually, I am trying to engage in thought-out, intelligent dicussion, but ultimately, I seems you are trying to build a straw man out of my arguments to then refute, which disingenuously undermines what I have said while simultaneously undermines my ability to respect the speaker.

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