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It's a BOY!

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  • Congrats! Now you can be "Uncle Funny".




    I will draw the line at calling a child Panamera. And Lexus is a stage name for strippers. ;-)

    • Hey, play nice! It's a great day, and the best part is, when my younger daughter said "So now you're a grandma" I didn't feel a day older. Which is pretty neat, because I remember that when I was a kid, my grandparents were ANCIENT!

      PS: You didn't get the car.

      • by Qzukk (229616)

        PS: You didn't get the car.

        Yugo? Beetle? Gremlin? [Che]'Vette?


      • I hope I was nice. Just playful.

        I had an "Uncle Funny" when I was a tyke. Sweet man - one of my parents very best friends.

        Didn't make it out of Vietnam...

  • by TaxSlave (23295)
    Nova might be appropriate if it was a very long labor.
  • Congrats!

    Umm.. Mercedes? No, probably too feminine (that was my grandmother's middle name.) Benz?

    Chevy, as in Chevy Chase? Ford, as in Ford Prefect? Lincoln, as in Abraham? Mercury, as in Freddie?

    Scooter? We had a car named Scooter. Now we have a dog named Scooter.

    Mustang, as in "Any guy named Mustang is gonna be AWESOME!"?

    • by plover (150551) *

      Oooh, just thought of a common one along the lines of pony cars: Colt? Sucky car to be named after, though, kind of like Pinto.

      Maverick? Avenger? Charger? There's a kid who's never going to get in trouble at school; either that or a super hero in the making.

  • I'm guessing Rover, or possibly Armadillo (from Armageddon)
    • Unfortunately, she's not a sci-fi fan. For her, Ford means "found on road dead" or "fix or repair daily".

      Who knows though, maybe my grandson will come to understand "42" and "Thanks for all the fishes".

  • Homer! []

  • Congratulations, baby's are a blessing.

    My guess... Tercel?
  • No Mercedes or BMWs. I doubt she'd name him Z3, or E-series.

    You said car, not truck, so Durango and Ranger are out. Probably not a mini-van, either, so that eliminates Sierra and Odyssey.

    Hmm... it's a broad category, so perhaps a hint is in order. Is he named after a class of cars, such as a make or model, or is he named after a specific instance of a car, such as "Kitt" from Knight Rider?

  • ...that you didn't say he was named after a car model, but after a car.

    I'll rule out:
    * Christine
    * KITT
    * The General Lee
    * The Mach Five
    * The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

    My guess: Herbie

  • Tucker.

"The only way for a reporter to look at a politician is down." -- H.L. Mencken