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Comment: Re:Not this shit again (Score 1) 404

by Baranovich (#42177891) Attached to: Auto-threading Compiler Could Restore Moore's Law Gains

That means doubling transistor count every 2 years can be done through increasing cores....

That makes no sense at all. You've got it backwards. Moore's Law concerns the doubling of transistor counts roughly every two years. How those additional transistors are used to increase computing performance, whether for additional cores or cache or whatever, is entirely separate.


+ - Why Linux Desktop UIs Don't Matter Anymore-> 2

Submitted by
jfruh writes "For more than a decade, much of the effort to get Linux on the desktop has revolved around what the desktop should look like, and how (or whether) to compete with commercial offerings from Microsoft and Apple. But longtime Linux user Brian Proffitt believes that, in a world where tablets and smartphones are becoming ubiquitous, endless squabbling over UI design may become increasingly pointless. Young people are used to apps and browser- and cloud-based functionality that just offer a direct window to online services, so fights about widgets, menus, and file browsers may soon become a thing of the past."
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