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Comment: Re:ten to one it was the pakis (Score 0) 53 53

Don't worry about the Paki who is posting abuse here. You carry on commenting. Just because those pathetic creatures find some word offensive, doesn't mean the rest of the world has to pander to their insecurities and whines. Hell, these Pakis go around literally looking for ways to get offended.

Comment: Re:Useful gadget! (Score 2) 203 203

What's more retarded than either, is an idiotic slashdotter sitting in his mom's basement, gorging on big mac and diet coke, typing stuff which he doesn't know shit about.

Use some brains - the reason this is being produced is not to "desperately imitate what happened decades ago". It is to provide millions of poor students an opportunity to buy their own tablet/computing device.

Comment: Re:LOL, you people are funny (Score 1) 478 478

Ha ha - do you expect to be modded Funny for that comment of yours? Astrology is a pseudo science. I challenge anyone to predict the future with any degree of accuracy, and I'll quit my job if anyone succeeds.

The thing is, these astrologers have a nasty habit of speaking in vague and general terms. They ensure that after a few months have elapsed, they can spin their "predictions" either way as it suits them!

Comment: Re:They are allies of the free world? (Score 1) 478 478

Keep that patronizing crap shut tight where the sun doesn't shine, k? Whether you "trust these countries with Nukes" (or not), you can't do shit about it either way. And yeah, "these countries are allies of the free world" as you put it, because your "free world" needs the alliance. You're welcome to "ally with these countries" or withdraw from the alliance, but if you choose the former, remember to keep the patronizing shit deep down where it belongs.

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