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Comment As you can see... (Score 1) 355

I do similar stuff with a catchall address, and for places like slashdot I also change them monthly. Seems a Japanese spam shop did some harvesting here in November, 2006 and that list is still seeing heavy use. It generally takes a few months after using an address on slashdot comments for the spam to start flowing.

The good news is I haven’t seen any spam from any of the other addresses I’ve used, meaning that of the hundred or more distinct entities I’ve given an email address to, only public discussion boards have generated any spam, and the vast majority of that has been from slashdot. So the problem is not nearly as bad as I imagined it would be.


Jack Valenti, Dead at 85 650

saforrest writes "Jack Valenti, a man whose influence in both Washington and Hollywood was profound, died today at age 85. He first became famous as special assistant to Lyndon Johnson: he can even be seen in the famous photo aboard Air Force One. In 1966, he quit this job to become president of the MPAA, from 1966 to 2004."
United States

Submission + - Defense Contractor Halliburton Moving HQ to Dubai

theodp writes: "Much-maligned defense contractor Halliburton is moving its corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai's friendly tax laws will add to Halliburton's bottom line. Last year, it earned $2.3B in profits. Sen. Patrick Leahy called the company's move 'corporate greed at its worst.' Halliburton, once headed by VP Dick Cheney, has received contracts valued at an estimated $25.7B for its work in Iraq."

15 Things Apple Should Change in Mac OS X 936

richi writes "Two of Computerworld's top operating systems editors, a Mac expert and a Windows expert, compare notes on what Apple should reconsider as it develops Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Mac OS X 10.4, or Tiger, is (in their opinion) a noticeably better operating system than XP or Vista. But it is not perfect. OS X has its own quirks and flaws, and they set out to nail down some of the 'proud nails' for the next release." From the article: "7. Inconsistent User Interface. Open iTunes, Safari and Mail. All three of these programs are Apple's own, and they're among the ones most likely to be used by Mac OS X users. So why do all three of them look different? Safari, like several other Apple-made apps such as the Finder and Address Book, uses a brushed-metal look. iTunes sports a flat gun-metal gray scheme and flat non-shiny scroll bars. Mail is somewhere in between: no brushed metal, lots of gun-metal gray, and the traditional shiny blue scroll bars. Apple is supposed to be the king of good UI, and in many areas, it is. But three widely used apps from the same company with a different look? Sometimes consistency isn't the hobgoblin of little minds."
User Journal

Journal Journal: “Feel free to improve.” 3

That was the note scribbled in pencil at the top of the drawing.

It struck me as sort of the ultimate fortune cookie: Was it imploring me to improve the machine part depicted that I was about to revise a drawing of? Or merely to improve on the illustration itself? My personal favorite way to interpret is as a request for the illustrator to improve himself.

Journal Journal: Slashdot Deleting Comments? 1

I noticed something weird today. I often read slashdot threads once they’ve matured a bit, as I can often pick up a lot of useful information once the moderation system (such as it is) has done its work and some thoughtful discussions have taken place over a few days. But that’s not the weird part.

Debunking a Bogus Encryption Statement? 215

deviantphil asks: "Recently, a coworker tried to assert that encrypting a file twice with a 64 bit algorithm is equivalent to encrypting it once with a 128 bit algorithm. I know enough about encryption to know that isn't true, but I am having difficulties explaining why and how. Doesn't each pass of the encryption create a separate file header which makes this assertion untrue? Can anyone point me to references that would better help me explain this?" What other laughable claims have you heard attributed to encryption, and how were you able to properly lay them to rest?

Microsoft Acquires Winternals and Sysinternals 471

SJasperson writes "In a move that will be good for Redmond but may have consequences for the rest of us, Microsoft has acquired Winternals and Sysinternals. This gives them well-known developers Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell as well as dozens of well-loved and much-praised utilities, both commercial and freeware. Though Mark says on his blog that the Sysinternals site will remain 'for the time being,' this would be a good time to download the latest version of essential Windows tools like Process Explorer before they can go mysteriously missing or be locked up behind the wall of Windows Genuine Advantage."

Microsoft Releases IE7 Beta 3 277

Kawahee writes "Microsoft has released IE7 Beta 3 to the public. From TechNet Flash: 'As a result of customer feedback, IE7 Beta 3 contains some feature changes in addition to the planned reliability, compatibility, and security improvements. If you've previously installed a beta of IE7, you should uninstall it before installing this release.' For the first time, the Administrator's Kit for Internet Explorer 7 is also available, which is described as 'the most efficient way to deploy and manage Web-based solutions.'"

Quake is 10 405

cyclomedia writes "Late on 22nd June 1996 Quake was uploaded to's archives in the form of 7 1.44MB floppy disk images. Though it wasn't until the 23rd that everyone realised (or at least, that's my excuse for being a day late with the news submission). Cue much aggravation on the newsgroups as eager downloaders experienced glorious 2 FPS gameplay."

An IE-Based Tabbed Browser from China 163

wannabgeek writes "CNET reports that a new browser, Maxthon is gaining wide popularity in China. 14 percent of Chinese websurfers have used it ... Part of the reason, it has features that help in circumventing the Chinese government censors. CNET says it was shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this year, and is slowly gaining foothold in Europe as well as the U.S."

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