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+ - Google plays with numbers->

Submitted by Bananana
Bananana writes: Last week, Google said its Nexus 7 tablet is outselling Apple's iPad in the Japanese market, but the iPad is actually outselling the Nexus 7 at a rate of about 2:1. The finding was damning for Google: Its claim was based on a survey that only covered about 16% of the relevant retail outlets and discounted sales of iPads through Apple's own Japanese stores (all seven of them), Apple's online store, and its biggest two cell phone partners. According to the IDC, the real figure for the final quarter of 2012 is 773,000 sold iPad units, and 350,000 Nexus 7 units.
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+ - SPAM: See-through App hits App store, having top rankings in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Submitted by Bananana
Bananana writes: A Hong Kong newspaper 'Apple daily' reported that, 'Beauty lens', an iPhone app was available in App store on 20th. It claims that it can see-through swim wears with infrared. The newspaper's site also provides mosaic video demonstrating the app in action.
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