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Comment: Fun, But Useless (Score 3, Funny) 135 135

This is a fun device that can show you what can be done with 3D printed plastic. That said, it's useless. It would be really cool if I could apply 1 pound of force to the crank, turn it a Million times, and have it apply a Million pounds of rotational force at the other end. But it's made of plastic, so it won't do that. Indeed, the fast-rotating parts would wear out before the slow-rotating part made a single turn. So it's not even good as a kind of clock.

All that said, it's a good conversation piece, and probably worth the price for that.

Comment: Re:reddit (Score 3, Interesting) 439 439

Eh, who cares. Does anybody actually still look at that web site? Honestly I barely knew it was still around.

Funny, that is what people are usually saying about this website. Hell, a while back slashdot's own Rob Malda made CNN's list of 10 people who don't matter.

Comment: Re:Hint: (Score 1) 22 22

If you are trying to make a claim that I wrote that comment to talk about myself,

Speaks for itself, does it not?

Trying to make the claim? Yes, you are trying to make such a claim. Just as you can try to make a claim that President Lawnchair is a closet Islamist Reptoid Socialist Fascist Anarchist Atheist Illuminati poised to take over the world before I hit "submit". You have made equally awful cases for both claims.

And that was the moderation information shown. I interacted at the format level.

I agree that there is plenty wrong with the way that slashdot displays this information. I am merely pointing out its degree of incompleteness in this case. You can, if you so wish, opt for slightly less incomplete data from slashdot on it. Or you can just let them cherry pick it for you and see what you get.

The choice is yours.


Russian Progress Cargo Ship Docks With Space Station 47 47

An anonymous reader writes: An unmanned Russian cargo ship has successfully docked with the International Space Station. The successful launch, rendezvous and docking came after two resupply failures. A Progress launched in April spun out of control and a week ago, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket disintegrated, destroying a supply ship loaded with supplies and equipment. "Crew reports, 'feels like Christmas in July,'" the International Space Station tweeted.

Comment: Re:Hint: (Score 1) 22 22

So you're saying that up the page didn't happen?

If you are trying to make a claim that I wrote that comment to talk about myself, then it appears you are doing more to further my claim - of you seeing what you want to see, regardless of what is actually in front of you - than your own.

Oh, and it's currently:
Moderation +1
30% Underrated
20% Flamebait
20% Overrated

What you are showing is an incomplete picture of the moderation (a result of how poorly slashdot displays such things). We know it was already moderated up more than once. Those three numbers don't only not add up to the complete moderation history of the comment, they don't even add up to 100%.

Granted, slashdot has a weird insistence on showing the moderations as percentages, rounded to 10% increments - which makes pretty well no sense - and they end up not listing all the moderations as well. If you have slashdot sent to send you messages regarding moderation of your comments, it will give you a much more complete picture.

Comment: Re:Hint: (Score 1) 22 22

I wasn't concerned with it when I was reading your JE.

Wasn't about you.

Why would I assume it to be, if I was not named specifically in it somewhere? I did, however, assume you were interested in a discussion of what you wrote, as you posted it comments enabled. If you would rather not talk about it, we can stop discussing it.

Comment: Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 22 22

But go ahead, tell us how this site is all overrun by "leftist fascists". Tell me enough times and I might even tell you where the next reptoid meeting is.

Possibly you could explain how you thought the scope of my verses was limited to /.

Only because you posted it here, and I don't have any idea what (or even if) you write anywhere else.

I very much had the Agenda 21 Aristocracy in mind while considering the rhymes.

The nonbinding agreement that gets more attention from Glenn Beck than from anyone who has any power to do anything regarding it? OK. I wasn't concerned with it when I was reading your JE.

Comment: Hmmm (Score 1) 22 22

And what does the moderation history (currently insightful, and underrated) of that comment say about the "leftie majority" here on slashdot?

For further counter-argument, I present my pointing out the conservative majority in a recent comment here, where I was promptly buried by "troll" moderations. I even used direct quotes from the exact source of the same story to support an earlier argument and was attacked as "flamebait".

But go ahead, tell us how this site is all overrun by "leftist fascists". Tell me enough times and I might even tell you where the next reptoid meeting is.

Comment: Re:You do'n't have to suffer with the touchpad (Score 1) 79 79

What I stated was factual; it is a fact that a user does not need to remove their entire hand from typing to use the trackpoint. That is part of the reason why it was designed that way. You can hate the trackpoint as much as you want for whatever reasons you chose, but when you lie about it you just look ridiculous. Why would you move your entire hand to use something that is designed to be manipulated with one finger? You couldn't use your entire hand on it even if you wanted to.

Comment: Re:You do'n't have to suffer with the touchpad (Score 1) 79 79

still have to take at least one hand out of the "typing position" to use the Clit;

No. I have to take one finger out of typing position. And being as the QWERTY keyboard only puts a few keys within reach of my index fingers - and not all of the most used ones - it is a far lesser drawback than taking my whole hand away to use the touchpad with decent accuracy.

But go ahead and tell us how awesome your touchpad is. I can't force you to acknowledge reality if you choose otherwise.

Comment: Re:You do'n't have to suffer with the touchpad (Score 1) 79 79

I have never had a problem with my trackpoint impeding my productivity. I have frequently found myself cursing that touchpads on other peoples' laptops. The Trackpoint allows me to move my cursor exactly as far as I want, without taking my fingers off the keyboard. No touchpad has ever been able to legitimately make that claim.

Comment: Is it fair to compare it to previous solo records? (Score 2) 37 37

It seems that in the modern era of flight, with high tech radio and navigation equipment, and modern weather forecasting, that solo flight isn't quite the feat it used to be. Not to say that this is easy, but it doesn't seem like it is the risky endeavour it used to be, either.

Comment: Re:Are you OK, samzenpus? (Score 0) 85 85

The gay marriage matter was going to go that way sooner or later regardless. Look at younger voters of any party in the US (after all the overwhelming majority of slashdot readers are in the US) and you'll find increasing support for gay marriage even amongst those young voters who vote republican. I don't have the time to look through 1000+ comments in that article to see how many are viewing the matter through each possible prism but there is also a very heavy conservative-libertarian bend here, who will often be saying "let them do whatever as long as it doesn't increase my taxes" - and gay marriage certainly doesn't increase anyone's taxes.

While you're at it, see the posts about AGW.

The key part of that acronym is the letter A - for anthropogenic. There are occasionally posts here on climate change, but very exceptionally rarely do we see any that tie it directly to human activity. Furthermore if we look at the comment sections in any of those articles - anthropogenic or not - we see the true voice of slashdot readers bends heavily to the right.

And finally, notice that at least once a week we see an anti-Obama - or generally anti-democrat - article on the front page here. How often do we see an anti-GOP article? Almost never. And I challenge you to show me an article that ever made the front page that dared to challenge Ron Paul on anything, ever.

Personally, I find /. to be center to center-left, depending on the subject.

I'm curious to know what subject you think that would be. Certainly not politics, science, economics, constitutional liberty, crime, taxes, religion, birth control, or education.

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