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Comment Re:I guess I haven't understood this (Score 1) 21

That is arguably not even the most egregious offenses they have committed in recent memory. A more blatant execution of voter suppression happened back in 2004 in Ohio. Compare the wait times and voting machine distribution (voters per machine) between the wealthy republican-dominated districts and the economically depressed democrat-dominated districts. Few voters with minimum wage jobs can afford to wait 3+ hours to vote.

Comment Re:I guess I haven't understood this (Score 1) 21

How does it resembled something "overtly Democratic Party"?

To be fair, at this point I don't think that there is anything he did that was strictly illegal, I do however think it was of very questionable morality. His campaign made up numbers for these mailings and formatted them to look like they were coming from a government office - while implying that the recipient would be subject to some sort of punishment if they did not vote.

Cruz's bigger problem in terms of what is or is not legal would likely be from his phone campaign that was claiming Carson dropped out before the caucus was held. Even Fox News is having a hard time spinning that one into favorable light...
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Journal Journal: Cruz won't even worry about truth this early 21

Did Ted Cruz gin up Iowa voter histories?
That is actually one of the kinder reviews of the campaign mailers that the Cruz campaign sent out. One of my favorite bits so far on this is that apparently the campaign arbitrarily picked either "55%", "65%", or "75%" as a voting "score" for the people they mailed these out to (some say this may have been in part because the st

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 17

You've established that you view everything done by Hillary as being in the primary interest of spreading evil around the world. Even in that light, why would her decision to use a separate email server have to be something she thought up entirely on her own? Are you really claiming that her special kind of evil is such that she wouldn't borrow any tactics at all from anyone who had her office before her?

Considering how much philosophical overlap exists between the actions of the current POTUS and his immediate predecessor, it is entirely reasonable to expect that the underlings of the current POTUS would themselves borrow tactics from the people who previously inhabited their same offices.

Comment Re:Retaliation just because you can? (Score 1) 241

That depends on what the (human) callers are doing. If they are administering a survey or something of that sort, then they are almost always paid by the hour. However if they are doing cold-call sales, then they are more likely paid on commission. If you are wasting the time of someone who is on commission, you are lowering their wage but not significantly impacting the bottom line of their company.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 343

Money spent on food is always returned, shelter, transportation. Where does it stop? Marxism.

No. Marxism is not free food for all. You may want to consider reading his writings - they are easy to find freely available online - to see where you got it wrong and how far off you are with that statement.

The government doesn't make the investment, tax payers do.

That's a matter of perspective.

a crushing, wildly inefficient, mindless, uncaring government bureaucracy

In the specific case of health care - and Bernie Sanders and I are both open proponents of single-payer health care - it has been shown time and again that the system we have in the USA currently is vastly more crushing, inefficient, and uncaring of a bureaucracy than any government-run program in the world anywhere today. In fact, that corporate bureaucracy is a big part of why consumers in the USA pay more per capita for health care than any other nation on earth, and get quite nearly nothing to show for it (with the exception of some extremely wealthy health care executives).

In the case of education, there has not been a for-profit institution yet of higher education that has managed to actually manage resources more effectively than the current public and private institutions in the USA. Could they do better? Absolutely, but the for-profit groups have not found a way to do better.

Comment Take out someone who is already done? (Score 1) 17

That makes no sense. It's not like Rice or Powell could lose their jobs or political ambitions. Rice appeared in an ad for a conservative candidate somewhere recently but otherwise has been off doing other things. If you want to say she's making excuses by pointing to her predecessors, that is a valid complaint but claiming that she would be "taking them out" is unsupported at this point.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 343

let's just tax the shit out of the top 1%

Actually, the budgets generally call for just increasing the tax rates for the top 1% to equal the tax rates paid by the rest of the country. The current tax code is heavily invested in the mythology that leaving those elites alone and leaving them with more of "their" money they will create lots of jobs and opportunity for the rest of the country; we know from the past couple decades that this simply is not true.

free shit for the 99%

No, there is no promise of "free shit". It is understood that everything from a socialist structure is paid for and has limits. Free college won't mean you can spend 8 years working on a liberal arts degree. Health care will be paid for by taxes (which will actually result in a large decrease in per capita spending on health care).

For comparison, you don't think that the invasion of Iraq was provided for free, do you? Granted some of the cheerleaders back then told us that it would eventually pay for itself, but hardly anyone took them seriously.

Comment No. (Score 5, Insightful) 343

a socialist trying to give away free everything to anybody

Sanders is not trying to "give away" anything. Nobody who supports Sanders expects to get things for "free", either. He openly states that taxes will have to go up or other parts of the budget will have to be cut. However, Sanders supporters are intelligent enough to realize that these are - absolutely and without challenge - the best investments that the government can possibly make. Money spent in prisons is never recouped. Money spent on education is recouped on average 5-10 times over (and often much more than that). Money spent on war is almost all lost. Money spent on health care is almost always returned.

The only people who think that Sanders is going to "give away" anything for "free" are the people who hate him too much to bother listening to what he actually says.

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