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Comment: Re:Firmware update? Unlikely. (Score 3, Informative) 162

by Baloo Uriza (#45284445) Attached to: Hackers Break Currency Validator To Pass Any Paper As Valid Euro
And yet, it still surprises me how many places that have called my company for service see me arrive on site holding a clipboard, a cardboard carton, and a toolpouch full of screwdrivers, and automatically assume that I'm there to fix critical equipment touching customer data without so much as checking my paperwork, much less checking ID. People are stupid. This trick could very easily work in plain sight.

Comment: Re:3D print a new dash. Remember DIN? (Score 1) 187

I have a cassette adapter that's been closed in doors, run over with the seats, and wrapped around every fixed object in the cab more times than I can remember. I've had it since high school, and originally used it to basically use school boomboxes as a pair of speakers on a school PC streaming CFOX over the internet back in the late 1990s. It's outlasted a 1995 Kia that I should never have gotten rid of, a 2002 Santa Fe that was stolen, the 1977 Fargo Tradesman that replaced it, and has been in my 1999 Malibu for the last 3 years. It's also threatening to outlive the servos in that car's tape deck, given that I bought the car with 97000 miles and it has 200,000 on it now...good thing it doesn't actually need to wind tape to work!

Comment: Let motorists pay for themselves (Score 1) 658

by Baloo Uriza (#45208559) Attached to: Oregon Extends Push To Track, Tax Drivers Per Mile
Take total cost of maintaining and expanding motorist infrastructure for the year, divide by the number of registered vehicles, then use GVWR as a factor so heavier vehicles pay more than lighter vehicles. No tracking, and car-free folks aren't subsidizing what's a luxury item in that state. Win/win.

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by Baloo Uriza (#44407495) Attached to: The Rise of Linux In In-Vehicle Infotainment
The joke was the company I was working for while hauling the Postal Service's mail gave me a was an underpowered piece of shit, especially for hauling mail at turnpike (mandatory 50-75 MPH range) speeds for long distances through the Ozark foothills and over the Ouachita Mountains. Your foot would go numb trying to press farther into the pedal when it's already full open and losing speed. And if momentum was already on my side, there was pretty much nothing that was going to let me let it go, even if it meant passing another truck very slowly. If I slowed down, I wouldn't get that time back and it'd take me 20 minutes to get it back; and if that happened once or twice a day, well, towns stop getting mail daily.

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Let's see... what are the first things we'll see this used for? 1. Automated speeding tickets.

I'm OK with this. Driving faster than the road was designed for and conditions allow is the biggest reason cars have all these safety features that any actually competent and attentive driver doesn't need.

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