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Comment Re:Retaliation just because you can? (Score 1) 168

That depends on what the (human) callers are doing. If they are administering a survey or something of that sort, then they are almost always paid by the hour. However if they are doing cold-call sales, then they are more likely paid on commission. If you are wasting the time of someone who is on commission, you are lowering their wage but not significantly impacting the bottom line of their company.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 315

Money spent on food is always returned, shelter, transportation. Where does it stop? Marxism.

No. Marxism is not free food for all. You may want to consider reading his writings - they are easy to find freely available online - to see where you got it wrong and how far off you are with that statement.

The government doesn't make the investment, tax payers do.

That's a matter of perspective.

a crushing, wildly inefficient, mindless, uncaring government bureaucracy

In the specific case of health care - and Bernie Sanders and I are both open proponents of single-payer health care - it has been shown time and again that the system we have in the USA currently is vastly more crushing, inefficient, and uncaring of a bureaucracy than any government-run program in the world anywhere today. In fact, that corporate bureaucracy is a big part of why consumers in the USA pay more per capita for health care than any other nation on earth, and get quite nearly nothing to show for it (with the exception of some extremely wealthy health care executives).

In the case of education, there has not been a for-profit institution yet of higher education that has managed to actually manage resources more effectively than the current public and private institutions in the USA. Could they do better? Absolutely, but the for-profit groups have not found a way to do better.

Comment Take out someone who is already done? (Score 1) 1

That makes no sense. It's not like Rice or Powell could lose their jobs or political ambitions. Rice appeared in an ad for a conservative candidate somewhere recently but otherwise has been off doing other things. If you want to say she's making excuses by pointing to her predecessors, that is a valid complaint but claiming that she would be "taking them out" is unsupported at this point.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 315

let's just tax the shit out of the top 1%

Actually, the budgets generally call for just increasing the tax rates for the top 1% to equal the tax rates paid by the rest of the country. The current tax code is heavily invested in the mythology that leaving those elites alone and leaving them with more of "their" money they will create lots of jobs and opportunity for the rest of the country; we know from the past couple decades that this simply is not true.

free shit for the 99%

No, there is no promise of "free shit". It is understood that everything from a socialist structure is paid for and has limits. Free college won't mean you can spend 8 years working on a liberal arts degree. Health care will be paid for by taxes (which will actually result in a large decrease in per capita spending on health care).

For comparison, you don't think that the invasion of Iraq was provided for free, do you? Granted some of the cheerleaders back then told us that it would eventually pay for itself, but hardly anyone took them seriously.

Comment No. (Score 5, Insightful) 315

a socialist trying to give away free everything to anybody

Sanders is not trying to "give away" anything. Nobody who supports Sanders expects to get things for "free", either. He openly states that taxes will have to go up or other parts of the budget will have to be cut. However, Sanders supporters are intelligent enough to realize that these are - absolutely and without challenge - the best investments that the government can possibly make. Money spent in prisons is never recouped. Money spent on education is recouped on average 5-10 times over (and often much more than that). Money spent on war is almost all lost. Money spent on health care is almost always returned.

The only people who think that Sanders is going to "give away" anything for "free" are the people who hate him too much to bother listening to what he actually says.

Comment I think the problem is overstated (Score 1, Insightful) 659

I hear a lot of people getting attention for this claim, but I see very little evidence actually supporting the claim. Yeah, there are some PC nazis on some campuses for sure, just as there are soldiers of all other stripes around as well. But the comedians who make such a stink about reactions on certain campuses are, IMHO, taking a small sample set and extending it to all of academia. No college campus I have worked at resembles this in any meaningful way, and I've been on campuses in very blue states where it would seem reasonable to expect this to be a really big prevalent matter.

Comment Re:Can we get an explanation on who gets mod point (Score 1) 1782

How about making Slash open source again?

I often wondered if they were ever going to release a newer version of slashcode. You likely know that what is available is several years old. Not to plug another site, but it is impressive - especially considering the age of the code - how much the guys at soylent news have accomplished with that code base once they forked it for themselves.

Comment Re:It's malware. Sue them. (Score 1) 570

Good luck with that as long as binding arbitration is legal in the USA.

Against my recommendation, my dad wanted me to install Windows10 on his HTPC. I liked reading the part of the Windows10 EULA (near the bottom) where MS effectively declares that my own IP rights are invalid while theirs stand. My dad still doesn't know why I go through so much trouble to keep Win10 off my workstation.

Comment Re:Just follow these simple instructions (Score 1) 570

Gee, and it only requires me to have all the latest updates installed as prerequisites.

Why install the spyware/telemetry/nagware updates first, then struggle to disable them? As has been demonstrated with Windows10, I can't trust that MS won't alter my preferences at any time they choose.

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