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Comment: Routers? (Score 1) 280

by damn_registrars (#48656315) Attached to: North Korean Internet Is Down

This is consistent with a DDoS attack on their routers,

I honestly didn't think they had more than one. Considering how few people there are allowed to leave the country - physically or digitally - I really expected there would be only one router. They have only one neighbor who they share a land border with who will talk with them, so they likely don't really have a way to set up a redundant second route.

Comment: Re:You forgot something... (Score 1) 259

by damn_registrars (#48648891) Attached to: Dish Pulls Fox News, Fox Business Network As Talks Break Down

In America we hardly have unions any more...

I didn't realize that 11.3% of the US workforce hardly exists.

Every year that number goes down or at best stays the same. Either way every year the unions give up a little more of what little power they have. Bargaining is supposed to be a give-and-take procedure where labor gets some of what they want and management gets some of what they want. Yet every time labor comes to the table management further diminishes their clout. With union enrollment this low it is very easy for management to say "we'll just hire non-union replacements for you" and labor knows that they can do it.

Coincidentally, when was the last time you got more than a token raise or a meaningful increase in your benefits? This is what happens when all the power shifts back away from the worker.

Comment: You forgot something... (Score 2, Funny) 259

by damn_registrars (#48646585) Attached to: Dish Pulls Fox News, Fox Business Network As Talks Break Down
Samzenpus forgot to blame this on the freedom-oppressing and america-hating labor unions. Clearly they are some how at fault here if fox news has been disconnected. I would have expected him to at least have read the article far enough to find a way to make that connection happen.
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Journal: Karma: Excellent 4

Journal by damn_registrars
I'm sure the fact that my 6 most recent comments were all moderated down "flamebait" in spite of being in different discussions and written on different days is just coincidental. Nonetheless, dear idiot, you haven't moved my karma. I told you that before.

Comment: Re:Gawd, I love that man (Score 1) 95

by damn_registrars (#48629689) Attached to: Dick "Smitty" Cheney

They sure as hell don't give a shit about your job.

The last election had one candidate who was indifferent towards my job and one who was openly hostile towards it. I had to vote for the one who was indifferent in the hopes of preventing the hostile one from rising to power and putting me on the streets. It was that simple.

Indeed there was no candidate who cared about it or wanted to preserve it. But there was a candidate who plainly wanted to exterminate it.

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