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+ - Florida Sheriff attacks Free Speech 1

Submitted by Baldur_of_Asgard
Baldur_of_Asgard (854321) writes "When Phillip Greaves' electronic book was censored by Amazon this exceptional act was considered a private matter by most people and no great loss, but now a freedom-hating sheriff in Florida is trying to gut the 1st Amendment to the detriment of us all. Free speech is ultimately about unpopular speech, after all. Popular beliefs don't need defending."

+ - Iowa man prosecuted for ownership of comic books

Submitted by Baldur_of_Asgard
Baldur_of_Asgard (854321) writes "According to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, "Christopher Handley, an Iowa collector . . . faces up to 20 years in prison for possession of manga."

A small portion of Mr. Handley's collection of over 1200 manga contained lolicon, which is thought to be legal in the United States, but that doesn't matter to prosecutors. (Who the hell knows what's legal in the United States any more?)"
United States

+ - Porn not as bad as murder? Some judges think so!

Submitted by Baldur_of_Asgard
Baldur_of_Asgard (854321) writes "Apparently some judges think that harsh guidelines and mandatory minimums that make possession of child pornography a greater offense than actual molestation (to say nothing of other crimes such as Murder) are resulting in overly harsh punishments.

Personally, I do not adhere to the belief that pictures are objects of sympathetic magic that harm the souls of those portrayed in them. The judges, however, do not question that axiomatic American belief. Even so, this may qualify as a sudden outbreak of common sense."

"Bureaucracy is the enemy of innovation." -- Mark Shepherd, former President and CEO of Texas Instruments