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Comment Reviews always required (Score 2) 186

Even if you would think pair programming makes sense (I don't, but it might be cultural as some have claimed), they cannot replace code reviews.

Both "pair programmers" are following the same thought process and may fall in the same trap.

A fresh look, by someone who wasn't involved in coding is always required.

Comment Re:Not anti-immigrant (Score 1) 418

There have been analyses of the economic impact: even if these refugees are relatively well trained, the net impact on the economy is deemed to be strongly negative. The majority likely will never find work, and those with good training have a bad match to the needs of the german market.

Yes there are some (demographic) benefits, but these are by far outweighed by the economic drawbacks.

Comment Size matters (Score 1) 89

Large companies are less efficient and innovative than smaller ones. Yet in todays world (and also in much of the past) they can play out their sheer size and gain advantage from that.

Not because of efficiencies of scale, no, those are outweiged easily by overhead and confusion growing like O(exp(company size)).

But by distorting the market, buying smaller companies and stripping/ruining them, and by playing the global finance system, is how todays large corporations manage to stay afloat.

At the cost of numerous others.

But important political systems in the world are directly influenced by money, therefore this system is self-sustaining, to the detriment of many people.

Comment Re:Of course, this is natural. (Score 1) 164

Parent is probably dutch: says: In 1820, the Dutch redefined their ounce (in Dutch, ons) as 100 grams.[7][8] Dutch amendments to the metric system, such as an ons or 100 grams, has been inherited, adopted, and taught in Indonesia beginning in elementary school. It is also listed as standard usage in Indonesia's national dictionary, the Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, and the government's official elementaryschool curriculum.[9]

I think nowhere else in europe an "ons" is used for 100g. But in the Netherlands, it is in daily use as such.

Comment Re:Seen this first hand (Score 1) 131

I think there are various styles of enterprise architecture and architects. I've seen many that add little or no value and mainly secure an easy job for themselves.

But there are exceptions.
In the end, no company that had a significant reliance on IT systems can do without some central considerations at all.
The question is not if you do it, but how to do it right, and with the right balance.

When the architects loose feeling with reality, real problems in developing and maintaining IT systems, you have a problem. Just like when the managers do.

Comment Re:A more interesting question... (Score 2) 889

It depends. If you are used to linux workflows (often involving the command line) then there is no way you can have that good enough in windows. cygwin is not good enough. For many users today (but still a small minority, I admit) linux is nicer and there is just a few apps "missing", which is the question of this article.

Personally, I get by with wine for the 2 missing apps (3d games). The rest (games) is available on steam today. There is no windows "productivity" app that I would need, but that is just me of course.

But to anser your question: I would like to have a complete linux-shell with all tools that truely feels native under windows. I don't think that is possible today.
OSX on the other hand sometimes combines the best of both worlds (but has other quirks).

ACL's: often they are used "brute force" (creating long-term maintenance issues) instead of using more elegant mechanisms or setups.

Comment Re:Folding@Home (Score 1) 82

The problem is that some groups of freedom fighters throw bombs around and don't seem to care for accidental bystanders becoming victim.
I guess their theology makes everyone 'guilty'.
It is mostly people of a certain religion displaying this type of behaviour.
In the eyes of the vast majority, that makes them terrorists, no matter if their goals are justified, their means are not.

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