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New Fish Species Discovered 4.5 Miles Under the Ocean 96

Posted by Soulskill
from the how-does-it-taste dept.
eldavojohn writes "The University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab (a partner in the recent census of marine life) has discovered a new snailfish. That might not sound very exciting, unless you consider that its habitat is an impressive four and a half miles below the ocean's surface (video). If my calculations are correct, that's over ten and a half thousand PSI, or about seventy-three million Pascals. The videos and pictures are a couple years old, as the team has traveled around Japan, South America and New Zealand to ascertain the biodiversity of these depths. The group hopes to eventually bring specimens to the surface. It seems the deepest parts of the ocean, once thought to be devoid of life, are actually home to some organisms. As researchers build better technology for underwater exploration, tales of yore containing unimaginable monsters seem a little more realistic than before."

+ - Google Search Results Censorship

Submitted by Bailsoft
Bailsoft (752566) writes "Has anyone noticed how a Google search for "love " (note the space at the end) produces numerous search results, but a search for "hate " produces none? Obviously Google don’t want people to know what other people hate! Interestingly, other hateful verbs such as “despise “ do produce the usual list of results."

Comment: Re:Fuel economy (Score 1) 1114

by Bailsoft (#25353491) Attached to: Fuel Efficiency and Slow Driving?

I have a few comments I'd like to share on this issue.
During my last couple of holidays in America (New York City and area, San Francisco and area) I found the road junctions very frustrating. I can't believe how slow the progress is through a typical American town and the reasons are 4-way stops and traffic lights; stop, go, stop, go, stop, go. Haven't you guys heard of roundabouts?
Also, slow drivers are a real pain and no doubt cause many an accident. Speed cameras should be used to enforce minimum as well as maximum speeds.
Finally, why all the concern about saving money on petrol (gas)? I see driving fast as a luxury that I'm prepared to pay for.

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