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+ - Petition: Require the Transportation Security Administration to Follow the Law!->

Submitted by BaileDelPepino
BaileDelPepino (1040548) writes "Today Ars Technica writer Jim Harper published an Op-Ed entitled "TSA should follow the law", in which he details the TSA's blatant disregard for the US Court of Appeals' order to take comments from the public and publish its policy on using its "body-scanners" in US airports.

Harper has begun a petition on to force the Obama administration to address the matter.

The petition requires 25,000 signatures by August 8th in order to force administration to comment. Let's show the administration and the TSA the power of slashdot!"

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+ - IE8 Dev Tools Don't Suck 1

Submitted by BaileDelPepino
BaileDelPepino (1040548) writes "IE finally has developer tools that don't suck! With every other release of IE, development was a pain and debugging was a nightmare. Now IE has some decent tools--in fact, the IE includes lots of the best features of Firebug.

I'm giving IE8 and its dev tools a spin today, and I have to say I'm impressed. Now, I'm not planning on abandoning Firefox+Firebug for general development purposes just yet, but I still found a couple of compelling new features in IE, including the integrated javascript debugger, javascript profiler and the (really killer) "trace styles" feature.

Even if you're like me and are loath to give up your favorite web development tool combo, I think we can still all celebrate the fact that we finally have decent baked-in tools for debugging those nasty IE-only problems.

I should also point out that version 8 includes a version 7 compatibility mode, so there's very little reason not to upgrade if you can."

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