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Comment Re:Does TV count? (Score 1) 449 449

Yes.. as a kid I kind of used to rationalize that gasoline should be the most powerfull explosive known to mankind, capable of blowing up by itself if you agitate a container full of it fast enough. When I first lerned that you needed other componets (like oxigen) mixed in a precise proportiont o make gasoline violently explosive, well... I was already ruined. Lets say I like my TV & Movie's falling cars explosive.

Comment Re:IBM did the same (Score 3, Interesting) 394 394

About 10 years ago a couple of Alpha servers (Tru64 Unix) and EMA storage in a cluster arrangement was as fast and as stable you can get below the mainframe category (thanks to DEC VAX multiprocessor and shared memory technologies). The natural evolution of the alphas never came out of HP because of their infatuation with Intel Itanium processors, and see how that affair ended up.

Comment Re:Usenet and IRC were like that too (Score 1) 161 161

IRC was cool when it was community based. For me it was like a real-time facebook, a facebook with weakly new random friends. I still maintain contact with people I meet in some geographically-based channels that eventually bacame meatspace friends. When it went sour? I think right after the chat networks like aim,msm,etc became mainstream, it denied IRC comumnities with new users so the communities eventually died.

Comment Re:Steam (Score 1) 731 731

Well.. you can say so if you are perfectly happy with their current catalog. I'll would like to keep buying premium games at a reasonably price (some times they are a steal) and be sure that I can move the steam folder to a new machine and start playing whatever I want in minutes.

Submission + - Speed Racer movie - everything will be in focus!->

Steven Weintraub writes: "Susan Sarandon talks about the Wachowski Brothers Speed Racer movie and confirms the revolutionary way the brothers are making the film — the entire frame will be in focus like a cartoon. .asp/aid/5290/tcid/1"
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Submission + - PS3 Port Caused GTA IV Delay

Dr. Eggman writes: According to statements made by Michael Pachter on Gamasutra, "The Rockstar team had difficulty in building an exceptionally complicated game for the PS3, and failed to recognize how far away from completion the game truly was until recently." The article goes on to describe an agreement between Rockstar and Sony not to favor the 360 by releasing their version first, necessitating the delay on the 360 as well.

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