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Comment: Reykjavík, Iceland - avg. 155 ms (Score 1) 558

by BagOCrap (#43560751) Attached to: Average latency to

100 Mbps fiber. 14 hops. I'm surprised, really. Would've expected a slightly lower value, perhaps in the 120s.

Back in 1999 I got my first ADSL connection, 256 Kbps. Used to play a lot of Action Quake II at the Pearlmankey servers (based somewhere on the east coast). During those games, my average ping actually around 150 ms.

Comment: Re:Even if this was true... (Score 1) 1009

by BagOCrap (#42100427) Attached to: Is Intel Planning To Kill Enthusiast PCs?

Mod parent up, please.

The hell if I will touch anything in the server room if I cannot replace a faulty CPU by myself in less than 5 minutes. I'm talking IBM BladeCenter, mostly, but I've had to work with HP and DELL as well.
Would this mean, for example, that if I purchased a blade with two CPU sockets, but only had the need (or budget) for a single CPU at the moment, I'd have to return my production server to the manufacturer a year later, just to add another CPU? Or would they send me a qualified technician in the hour of need, to solder a new CPU to the motherboard, and I'd just pay for the extra CPU (as usually)? Naw... this is a load of crap.

Comment: Too much activity killed mine, I think (Score 1) 510

by BagOCrap (#41671115) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do SSDs Die?

I had a 60GB Mushkin Chronos in my MySQL server. It died in 13 days. I do not know for certain what actually killed (it's a low profile server, with only about 3.600/1.500 select/insert statements an hour), but I received a replacement disk within hours, swapped them out, and the replacement snuffed the dust in just under 18 days. I was unable to read or write to them. They just went out, like someone flicked a switch.
That's when I decided to stick with the regular spindle disks for my database server...

I bought two of those 60GB disks at the same time; used the other one as the OS disk for my workstation. It's still running good, almost two years later. I recently purchased a 120GB Mushkin Chronos Deluxe and replaced my 60GB disk (which currently only holds my development projects and few, select games).

Comment: Re:Good to see (Score 1) 113

The hacker/cowboy-coder culture often serves young products well, but it doesn't work once the product matures and develops a legacy. Assuming Chrome succeeds at making serious inroads in business, which is quite possible over the next few years (whether that's Google's current main goal for it or not), Google will have to slow down their "push to production" patch speed a little.

Mod parent insightful, please.

Comment: Re:Impact energy not the same for small objects (Score 5, Funny) 186

by BagOCrap (#40217551) Attached to: Mosquitos Have Little Trouble Flying in the Rain

The whole point was to show, that the difference between a mouse and horse isn't small, but rather gigantic.

Thank you, sir! This would never have occurred to me if you hadn't brought it up. Now I better understand why my parents would never give me a horse as a child; it wouldn't fit in the cage with the mice, and it would splash if I accidentally dropped it.

Comment: Re:Why are you surprised? (Score 1) 284

by BagOCrap (#38408624) Attached to: Rare Earth Magnets Pose Threat To Children

Why are you surprised? This is exactly what happens when Americans buy toys manufactured in third-world shithole nations, where the concept of "safety" is virtually unheard of.

And who exactly, thought it'd be a good idea to let children play with tiny magnets in the first place? The manufacturer?

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