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Comment Re:Tidal? (Score 1) 574 574

Formats like DVD audio and other high-res formats set strict limits for minimum dynamic range, overall loudness and other mastering parameters.

No they don't. There are no such limits either technically or in the licenses. What there is, sometimes, is a desire from the seller of the high-res format media to cater to a different audience, and therefore use a different set of mastering parameters.

There is nothing stopping anyone from making just as compressed a DVD audio as a CD. Or a 24 bit FLAC, or whatever. It's all just PCM. And not even SACD/DSD/DSF is immune to this, although the technical details differ.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 574 574

While this is true, they are not nearly as good as their price tag would indicate. You can find just as good quality products at a much better price, and much better products at the same price.

Heck, even a set of JBL speakers for the same price will sound a lot better, and those are a joke to "serious" audiophiles.

Comment Re:If you can't keep your eyes on the ROAD (Score 1) 195 195

Doesn't matter how fast or how slow I go. I still can't see into the forest using my headlights. I'd need some kind of spot on a swivel to accomplish that, and those are illegal to use while driving here.

And I've used HUD's. I know exactly how they work, and what they look like. But the problem remains, the HUD should not be a color which is efficient at destroying night vision *and* which is the same color as weak but important cues from the real world. Looking through something which destroys night vision could be "ok" when driving in a well lit city environment, but it's disaster in a forest near the polar circle. When you don't see another light for hours of driving, why impair night vision as a matter of course?

Comment Re:If you can't keep your eyes on the ROAD (Score 1) 195 195

Not far enough to the sides to help me spot animals at the edge of the forest by the road. And there's a lot of unlit roads through forest around here. And my car is built for these kinds of roads (a SAAB 9-5), nothing wrong with its headlights, it just passed annual inspection of them with a blank sheet.

Usually I spot animals by light reflected in their eyes. A glint of blue-white light in the forest, followed by a madly dashing animal trying to cross the road - by which time it is too late to brake. I need to do that when I see the glint. And there is no way I'll see a blue-white glint if I have a blue HUD sparkling on the screen.

Comment Re:If you can't keep your eyes on the ROAD (Score 1) 195 195

Facts are useless if you don't comprehend their relevance. While you drive down the road, it's normal for your night vision to be impaired anyway due to reflections, oncoming traffic, stationary light sources...

Quite so. But that is not a reason to further impair night vision. When I drive along roads with no stationary lights and little traffic, I rely on my night vision to spot animals and people at the side of the road. It doesn't matter how good my headlights are (as long as they are legal), they will not help me do that.

Comment Re:So don't put warnings on the windshield. (Score 1) 195 195

Try a flight simulator sometime, like Falcon BMS. The HUD in the fighter aircraft will be consistent, with everything always in the same place - except for state changes by the pilot, such as providing landing cues when the pilot has turned them on, and aiming system adapting to selected weapons (without changing location).

Heck, even the warnings in the HUD have specific locations, not interfering with either the view or the rest of the HUD. And this is for trained fighter pilots, selected for high ability to handle high cognitive load.

This is exactly like the parent wants things to be to reduce cognitive load, and exactly how a car HUD should function.

Comment Re:Being a G27 owner (Score 1) 67 67

It has improved bearings and gears, steel shift paddles and a leather covered wheel. All those are things I want in a steering wheel. I do not want a six speed shifter, so removing that makes the wheel a lot more interesting than the G27.

The controls on the wheel are for selecting things in driving games, not for use as a controller for games where the wheel is not used.

Comment Re: RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 500 500

Ah yes, just because I recognize a detail means I am a "SJW". And instead of trying to see if there is any merit to a chain of arguments, it's a lot easier to just latch on to a single observation, slap a label on someone because of it and declare everything discussed without value.

A shame you refuse to learn anything new, but instead cling to dogma for dear life. This could have turned into a very good discussion if you weren't that kind of person.

Comment Re: RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 500 500

You're stuck in the "force people to do things or nothing happens" mind set, which has been shown over and over to be not only false, but counterproductive. That's why you sit in "either capitalism forces people to do things or the five year plan does", and you are unable to think outside the box.

With a living wage system in place, the whip of people not getting food on the table unless they accept whatever job is available vanishes. But that is ALL that vanishes. No other aspect of competition vanishes. People who want to have luxury goods will still work, and build things they compete to sell. People who enjoy being enterpreneurs will still be starting up companies and try to find the smartest, best people to work in them. And they will find it EASIER to do so, since more smart people are freed up from flipping burgers to make ends meet.

People will still do what others value so that they can have the things they value. They just won't get stuck on the lowest rung for life. And if you don't care about that, then you're a white male.

Comment Re: RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 500 500


Really, wat.

A living wage FREES UP people to work on WHAT THEY WANT. The exact opposite of your only way of thinking outside of raw capitalism. No central committee. No five year plan. Just people, working with what they like at the pace they like. You know, like those who invented modern science and made huge advances used to do, when they were not contrained by the need to sell their time for peanuts.

Seriously, at least learn the first thing about your opponents arguments before you barge off into la-la land.

Comment Re: RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 500 500

Correct, I can't understand it as that, because that is not what it means. A vast majority of both goods and services provided are not needed but merely *wanted*. Your failure to understand the difference is key here.

And yes, implementing a living wage will reduce some availability of luxury goods. In exchange it will increase the availability of investment capital and improve scientific advance rates, especially over the long term, immensely.

"There is nothing new under the sun, but there are lots of old things we don't know yet." -Ambrose Bierce