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Comment Re:same data 1 year later? (Score 1) 228

Re-encoding my images means they are not stored, but marginally represented. That would indeed violate the description of what they offer, which is storage.

The one reason for me to use this kind of service is to backup my RAW images so that I will still have access to them, undamaged, years from now when I have new, improved RAW converters. If that is not what they offer they need to be very clear about this.

Comment Re:Perhaps some terminal commands should be locked (Score 1) 698

You do not comprehend the meaning of "brick". A fork bomb will not brick a system. Nor will a trojan. Nor will doing "rm -rf /" on a system which does not have uefi variables mounted rw.

Bricking means the system becomes a BRICK. No matter what you do, you can not reboot it. You can't even boot from external media to reinstall. Replacing the hard disk will not make it boot. The system is a BRICK. Dead, and unable to boot at all.

That is bricking. That is not possible to achieve with fork bombs, or trojans, or removal of OS files. Fucking a system up is not bricking. This is on a completely different scale.

Comment Re:Kind of sad, really (Score 1) 76

The game was far from essentially finished. In fact, it never will be finished. User interfaces get better, exploits are discovered, and NetHack fixes and incorporates this to remain challenging and fresh. In fact, the update is quite timely as there are a lot of issues with NetHack 3.4.3 which now get addressed!

This doesn't mean it gets the streamline treatment modern AAA titles get. In fact, rather the contrary. The new nasties are *really* nasty. NetHack now is a lot more unforgiving than NetHack 2.3 I began with back in the day. And NetHack 3.1.3 was eminently exploitable. That's now in the past, with polymorphing, store thefts and other things long since patched.

"The Gremlin chuckles. You feel warm. You burn to a crisp."

Comment Re:"Credit card numbers are constantly being stole (Score 2) 63

I live in northern Europe. I never carry cash around. Stores and coffee shops don't want to handle cash. They want me to pay by card. And I want to pay by card, using chip and PIN, because that is safer for me than carrying around cash.

I can't even pay for the bus in my town using cash. There was one attempted robbery of a bus driver, and all buses went cashless overnight.

Comment Re:How about ... nothing? (Score 2) 169

All good advice once you've reached the point of enjoyment. I can assure you, no-one starts out at that point.

At the start it's a goal, usually related to performance and improvement. "All this fancy stuff" is to provide feedback that the goal is getting closer, and on what needs to be done to work in the right direction. And then, after a long time of hard work, the point where enjoyment of running for its own sake can be reached.

Very few people find enjoyment in starting out running, without feedback and the ability to see improvement and focus on statistics to improve for motivation. Perhaps you can (although your post suggests it's something you had to work to achieve), but if so you're in the minority.

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