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Comment Re:That guy looks and sounds like a pompous ass (Score 1) 69

Really? Every single person makes judgements by personality traits alone (or at least primarily?)

I certainly don't. Such considerations aren't just pointless, they are wrong. Considering how politics is going, you can see the skillful liar and charmer scamming millions of people because he had a "better personality" than a better man, who wasn't quite as charming. So we miss out on someone who might be a good person in favor of a charming sociopath. All because of "personality".

How is that working out?

Comment Re:That guy looks and sounds like a pompous ass (Score 1) 69

People who view others simply by personality traits are missing out. Yeah, so the guy talks like an arrogant twat, is he wrong?

You see, your attacking him on something completely irrelevant, simply because it is easier than to actually discuss the merits of what he was saying.

Keep in mind, he may be brilliant or he may be a complete loon, I am not judging either here, just your rebuttal, which amounts to "Big Fat Ugly ... do not like", which actually makes you exactly who hate the most, an arrogant twat. ;)

Comment Re:Trusting the UN? WHAT THE FUCK? (Score 1) 325

I've got news for you, sparky: saying "right wing propaganda" isn't some kind of magic incantation that makes your favorite teleprompter-in-chief's incompetence just vanish in a puff of wishful thinking.

What you are complaining about is that Obama didn't manage to clean up the complete mess that Bush managed to create

More like, the motherfucker continued everything he ran against. How many times has he signed extensions to the PATRIOT act?


Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 1) 91

Storage is always going to be an issue. Without integrated Cloud/Web Storage (like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox ...) even the SD card option is lame. As for Libre/Open Office, those are nice, but having live documents I can edit from just about anywhere is a huge benefit for me, and "Office" suites no longer suffice in today's world (IMHO)

Comment Re:Dear black and whiter (Score 1) 555

You said the street was designed for multi-ton vehicles, I corrected you, the street was designed for horses, and adapted for multi-ton vehicles. The street existed long before cars.

But I get it, you're one of those assholes who think that ruining someone else's neighborhood for your convenience is okay. The only solution is to block the roads with guard houses for neighborhoods like they do in the Philippines ...

Comment Re:She makes mistakes, and punishes laid off worke (Score 1) 216

No, it hasn't.

Yes, it has, because when you wrote "your proposal would mean all startups would need to have their first employees be a watchdog group to set up controls so every future employee could never commit a crime" that's exactly what you did. Proceed in this manner and in a matter of hours you'll have a full set of workable proposals. :-)

By the way:

I would ever invest in any company / I would never start a company

That's fine. You'd be an employee or, better yet, a small scale entrepreneur. A world of small scale entrepreneurs is a good outcome for me. And, to be sure, it's part of an already developed economic system: Distributism.

Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 1) 124

Antibiotics are great, until Bacteria evolve to be resistant to them. And while it hasn't happened yet, there are indications that an outbreak of resistant bacteria might wipe out large portions of humanity.

Unintended consequences are unintended. And they often occur long after the root cause is forgotten.

Comment Re:She makes mistakes, and punishes laid off worke (Score 1) 216

It is simply silly.

No, it isn't. Suppose you yourself were living in the scenario I described above and, yes, if an individual below you commits fraud you are responsible too. How would you act? How would you setup your company so as to avoid being sent to prison by effect of middle managers' greed?

I'm sure the simple fact I asked question has caused you to begin thinking on possible risk mitigation solutions, hasn't it?

Now think an entire world of entrepreneurs thinking over that exact same question. Don't you think they'd have developed and kept improving best practices? Practices that are so ingrained in such a world's entrepreneurial culture they are taught in universities, absorbed in trainee years, and all but became second nature to anyone who deals with any significant amount of money?

Yes, it's workable. It might be unimaginable if you only spent one minute thinking about it. For a culture that spent (or were beginning to spend) tens of thousands of man-years thinking about it however, not so much. There, it's just how things are.

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