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Comment: Happens here in the U.S. too.. (Score 0) 288

by isa-kuruption (#46418115) Attached to: How Ireland Got Apple's $9 Billion Australian Profit

These companies have been doing this for years... Facebook, Apple, Google, etc. There has been news story after news story about this, and yet the same people who complain that the "super rich" and "big" corporations don't pay their fair share of taxes, are the same people who are shifting their tax burden outside of the United States to Ireland or Jamaica or wherever else they can get away with cheaper taxes.

And to make it even more silly, the people who do the biggest complaining about individuals and corporations not paying their fair share are either the Liberal-Progressive CEOs, COOs, and other executives at this big technology firms, or it's the minions that constantly and mindlessly buy their products or use their services which allows them to collect all this money to just shift their tax burden to another country.

Comment: Re:Change department name (Score 2) 196

by isa-kuruption (#46407423) Attached to: Computing a Winner, Fusion a Loser In US Science Budget

Or let's look at a source that doesn't specialize in enema tasting.

25% federal budget goes to Medicare and Medicaid, 23% to Social Security (totalling 48%).

Defense spending is 18%.

I'm sure the numbers are skewed more towards Medicare/Medicaid and Social security for Obama's 2014 proposal.

Now go back to your hole and stop getting news from the biggest shitrag in the world.

Comment: Re:Impeachment (Score 2) 383

by isa-kuruption (#46090571) Attached to: Congressmen Say Clapper Lied To Congress, Ask Obama To Remove Him

Probably because bi-partisanship in Congress is non-existent... and whenever one party proposes a bill/amendment/impeachment/takeout menu, it's immediately rejected by the other party. So the only way for anyone to do anything is to put it on the shoulders of the *others* in a big PR stunt-type action that makes the 24 hour news cycle giddy.

Comment: Trip chaining? (Score 1) 417

by Cyno01 (#43590225) Attached to: Grocery Delivery Lowers Carbon Dioxide Emissions Over Individual Trips

It baffles me how many people make special trips for things, i never go just one place, if i need one thing it can wait until i have more places to go. Go to the grocery store 2-3 times a week, theres 3 on the way home from work. We do big grocery shopping for staples and nonperishables at one further away probably every other weekend, but we also go to target, the hardware store and sams club on those trips.


Brown vs. Startup Over a Sandwich 119

Posted by timothy
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An anonymous reader writes "Crunchbutton, founded by Yale grads, is trying to replicate the success of its one-button food delivery service in and around Brown University. The controversy began when the startup delivered a popular Brown sandwich called the 'Spicy With' to students. Brown's lawyers sent Crunchbutton a cease and desist letter, demanding that the company remove any associations with the university or its name. The startup says it has complied with the demands, yet Brown has not backed off, and it expects to be served with a lawsuit. This tale illustrates the perils of encouraging entrepreneurship while protecting the interests of a big educational institution."

Comment: Re:Anonymous shills and astroturfers (Score 1) 215

by joshamania (#42534443) Attached to: Linguistics Identifies Anonymous Users

But this is the exact kind of evil political use that this stuff is going to be used for. It doesn't make it right because you're using it on Republicans. If anything it makes it MORE wrong because of your acceptability standard...because when they turn around and use it on you they'll have had your prior support.

Comment: Re:I can't think of a non-evil use for this (Score 1) 215

by joshamania (#42534411) Attached to: Linguistics Identifies Anonymous Users

See, someone has already drank the kool-aid. :-) Identify personality traits...sigh. You speak in the language of big brother. So once this method/technique/software gets outside of whatever biolab it is currently sequestered in how long, you think, before it's used for police phishing expeditions.

"Hey Bob, I'm bored...ever since they legalized pot I've had nothing to arrest people for for no reason. What's this I hear about linguistics and personality traits?"

There are MILLIONS of people in prison in this country and this is just going to be another excuse for our soccer-mom-busybody overlords.

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