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Journal: Google the Torrent

This is my first slashdot journal entry. Fitting, since I'm writing about an observation I wouldn't have noticed without slashdot.

Pontiac was advertising their latest vehicle. Part of there advertisement was for you to "google the Potiac Torrent". Now, I'm not even going to bring up the fact that they are requesting that you put the term "torrent" into a google search window. Or that they used a screenshot of google, since that should be a fair enough use.

They, get this if you haven't already, used Google as a verb. I'm just curious, will there be a reaction from Google? I mean, they get a free tv ad out of this. But, Pontiac did do that nastey deed. Somehow, I think this will be over looked.

Of minor note, if you clicked the google link or googled it yourself, there's nothing special. A few reviews and the official sites, but they mostly just want people to take a look at their gas guzzler. All in all, a brilliant advertising campaign.

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