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Comment: Re:The next season, whichever that is... (Score 2) 346

by BLT2112 (#44919667) Attached to: My favorite season:

I wonder how many respondents are in the northern hemisphere (not to mention in a place with seasons). Specifically because, if many of them are, I'd expect Fall to be the choice right now. In Winter, I'd expect spring to get the highest number of votes.

This is really insightful, since we tend to anticipate the upcoming season. The only exception I think would be in Fall, when I don't think any more people would pick Winter. People don't tend to look forward to Winter unless they do year-round.

Comment: Short Stories (Score 1) 322

by BLT2112 (#44760175) Attached to: What's your favorite medium for Sci-Fi?
Sort of a subset of books, but short stories have always fascinated me in a way that even great sci-fi novels haven't. Entering a new world and trying to make sense of it in a few dozen (or fewer!) pages gives the powerful endings an element of surprise that often leaves me thinking about it for days. Nightfall, The Last Question, etc. Cast my vote for short stories.

Comment: Re:It was never balanced (Score 2) 202

by BLT2112 (#42611449) Attached to: Scrabble Needs a New Scoring System

This is made even more profitable by the addition of (bogus, at least to me) words like QI and ZA (a way of spelling "chi" as in Chinese medicine and a slang word for "pizza" that they somehow decided was mainstream enough). [...] (QAT is also pretty damn bogus.) [...] It's a game of tactics (generally well understood) and an official dictionary with words that often bear only a dim connection to reality.

I loved Scrabble until I started playing against people who used words that I had not only seen before, but that offended my inner dictionary. Someday they'll put out a dictionary with only the top N used words or something so I can enjoy it again.


+ - Kevin Bacon Meets Wikipedia With New Pathfinding Program->

Submitted by BLT2112
BLT2112 (1372873) writes "Inspired by The Oracle of Bacon (, The Oracle of Wikipedia ( finds the shortest path between two Wikipedia articles, as in Wikipedia Golf. As explained in the site, "One selects one article as the tee and another article as the hole and then completes the course between them clicking as few links as possible. No typing is allowed. . . . The Oracle also allows you to search for the most challenging potential Wikipedia Golf courses. Can you find a longer course and merit a place in the 'records' section?""
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