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by BLKMGK (#48322705) Attached to: NSA Director Says Agency Shares Most, But Not All, Bugs It Finds

Pieces of various weapons have apparently been found in junkyards around the Middle East (Jordan for one), some with UN tags and some without. A quick Google finds this but there's other information out there including some pictures if memory serves. A poor citation for sure but there have been others.

Here's a more recent article about weapons being found

Another Seems a few missles and chemical processing equipment were shipped out. the answer isn't so black and white it seems.

Worth noting is that Iraq DID use chem weapons during the first war, Desert Storm. I know someone who wrote a book about it after extensive research and the Govt. did all they could to shut him up. Look up "Gassed In The Gulf", it's pretty well referenced and many of the things he claimed were slowly proven in the years after.

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It doesn't even do anything for me. It was working and then just stopped. No files synch for me and both the handset and the computer it's supposed to synch with are 'net reachable. Nothing changed in the config of the PC so I have no idea what happened. I've tried dorking with settings and updating every time something new comes out - doesn't help...

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Actually I'm pretty sure he never carries a cell phone. In the last episode one rings in his pocket, having been planted there, he's surprised, and he ultimately ditches it. One must wonder about his wallet though... Overall Forever hasn't been all that bad. Scorpion has also gotten a little less far-fetched but not much. It's still fun to suspend belief and just watch rather than trying to pick it apart.

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Oddly he has apparently marched into multiple patent offices and been turned down. That you think his reception would be any warmer elsewhere or that someone wouldn't outright steal whatever they could is amusing. Yeah this is pretty fishy but he's at least letting "experts" look at it and so far they've not managed to unravel it.

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You do realize that he doesn't claim it makes energy from nothing right? It requires Nickel as a sort of fuel. I'm not claiming it's legit or that it's not just pointing out that this isn't the claim of free power but rather the claim that it runs on something that's apparently more neutral and has fewer downsides. Remains to be seen if it's legit or not but it's looking a little closer to being legit than it had before...

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This is pretty funny. You are apparently advocating the Govt. hire people who have previously belonged to organizations that have expressed themselves as enemies of the same organization that's being asked to hire them? Do you actually hear yourself when you speak or type? That's like asking to be hired as a fireman with a record of arson (lying about it no less!) and then threatening to sue because it's so unfair they don't want you. Duh! The Govt isn't in any way obligated to give jobs and had she been up front about it they might have let it go but instead she lied.

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That's very possible. I will admit that once I was able to get my surgery and had it done that I haven't kept up. I knew that they had enlarged the area of the cut for my procedure and I also knew that they had begun mapping. I knew about the cut because a Dr warned me about it after mine had been done and told me that if I had further corrections (I had one correction and a flap lift to clean out dead cells prior) they would likely cut further out. Later I was told about the surface mapping and a Dr even mapped out the one eye I have that's not as good as I might like - my dominant eye no less! However since my vision is so damned much better than it was and I'm not a big fan of taking risks I've held off. I should probably spend some time and learn about the options

to be clear - the option I skipped was the cutting of slits in the lens to adjust vision (how it was described). the option I went with required a cutting of a flap and laser ablation of the material underneath done right after that was approved. I'd consider surface ablation now I think...

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The sad ting is that was a number thrown at me when I was in high school. My eyes continued to change for sometime after that but Drs really didn't seem to want to talk about it when I asked, just assured me that it was correctable. My first real clue was the day they had to special order contacts for me. Then one day I asked if I would be considered legally blind without correction, my Dr burst out a giggle and said of course I would! I have to admit that was pretty damned scary. At least one Dr talked to me about PRK where they could do slits in my lens to try and get it to correct but I was told that it would really ruin my night vision and the thought of someone cutting into my eyes scared the crap out of me! Lasik was on the horizon shortly afterwards and Drs were telling me about it. I was still resistant until I was told I could no longer wear contacts and eye glasses were working out "poorly" to say the least. The surgery really helped out my quality of life for sure. Losing your towel and stuff at the beach because the current pushed you down and you can't see well enough to recognize them without help SUCKS!

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Actually you're right, that was a typo. Try 20:700 20:900!

Without correction I could literally not see any part of the eye chart on the wall. First car at a red light? Without correction I couldn't see the stoplight much less what color it was!

One day my dr told me it would be a week or two before my contacts would be in because they had to manufacture them. Puzzled I asked why and was told that there was little enough demand that they didn't keep any in the shelf. I then asked how much stronger I could go before they didn't make anything stronger. My dr told me they made a few stronger but not to worry because we could switch manufacturers and find some even stronger! That day scared the crap out of me because I realized I might really be getting to a point where correction became very difficult. It was probably an additional 4+ years before LASIK came along, thankfully I never needed a stronger prescription. I'm still supposed to get dilated yearly so they can check inside, a detached retina is apparently a very real possibility since my eye is so "long". They dilate me because otherwise it's like trying to look into a room thru a peephole - their words not mine.

The prospect of losing ones vision is damned scary to say the least :-(

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That would depend on the prescription, obviously you aren't wearing a strong one. Wait until they're thick as bottle ends and your contacts must be special ordered and then tell me what a picnic it is. For a real party glance over your shoulder in traffic to switch lanes in broad daylight, accidenty look out the side of the glasses thus getting no correction, and miss the vehicle in your blind spot - literally. Been there, done that. Wear contacts long enough and your eyes do bad things, glasses while cheap are no panacea...

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Yeah, back then they didn't track your eye and would shut the laser off if your eye moved. In my first surgery they also wanted me to keep both eyes open which really sucked when they were working on the second eye. The flap was held down with a small marble at first too which I found weird. The tracking of the eye is a huge improvement as they cannot keep that flap lifted too long before things start to dry out so they didn't like stopping - you can guess how I know!

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