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Comment: Re:As someone on dial-up in Seattle... (Score 2, Insightful) 67

by mrchaotica (#49502779) Attached to: DOJ Could Nix Comcast-Time Warner Merger

At that location they are so far above us in speed. It's sad when the middle of nowhere in a useless state has access about eight times faster than us for about a tenth of the cost. I wish Seattle would catch-up so the shithole of South Carolina.

Gee, it sure sounds to me like it's Seattle that's the shithole!

Comment: Re:At this point? Really? (Score 1) 67

by mrchaotica (#49502773) Attached to: DOJ Could Nix Comcast-Time Warner Merger

Based on this list [wikipedia.org], it looks like merger activity between US banks dramatically slowed since Obama took office, after going through the roof during the Bush years.

I counted 48 mergers during the Clinton years versus 39 during Bush.

Well, shit, when an industry is consolidating of course there are going to be a bunch of mergers (of small companies into medium companies) at the beginning, then a moderate amount of mergers (of medium companies into big companies), then just a few mergers (of big companies into gigantic, dangerous ones).

So yeah, we should fully expect Clinton mergers > Bush (II) mergers > Obama mergers, just because by the time Obama got in office there were hardly any companies left to merge!

Comment: Re:in my opinion this guy is like Jenny McCarthy (Score 2) 299

by mrchaotica (#49499689) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

i have no problem with opposing monsanto, the corporation with dubious goals that should be opposed

I want labels on GMO crops because I'm opposed to use of the "terminator gene" and Monsanto's contractual prohibition of seed-saving. I want to be able to buy corn and know it's wasn't grown by a farmer in cahoots with Monsanto, and GMO labeling is a very good proxy to inform me about that.

Comment: Re:I can kiss my Newton Messagepad goodbye? (Score 1) 110

by mrchaotica (#49499305) Attached to: Google Adds Handwriting Input To Android

Perhaps because all the modern devices are meant to work with your fingers and not with a stylus?

You've got the cause and effect backwards: devices are designed not to use a stylus because their makers had no desire to support handwriting recognition, not the other way around.

Comment: Re:Accepting a story from Florian Meuller? (Score 1) 108

They are committed when it impacts large contracts.

Seen stuff in the news lately regarding the push for open document standards on the web? Governments are now specifying published government documents can not be propriety formatted. This forced Microsoft to support open formats or lose large contracts because Microsoft Office is not meeting specifications of the document requirements.

Compatibility with internet standards has forced open standards onto Microsoft for a long time from TCP/IP over NetBios, to NTP, Remember when Microsoft had Windows for Workgroups? The Internet put them at risk of a end run past them. They had to adapt or die.

There are numerous other examples where Microsoft does not own the standard in use where their solution was forced to the back to die.

Comment: Re:Because girls just can not hack it with boys. (Score 1) 587

If you think you can get an average 13-year old ready for college-level CS in one year, without sacrificing the rest of their usual middle school and high school education, you're severely deluded.

Absolute bullshit.

First of all, they're not trying to teach "average" 13-year-olds; they're trying to teach 13-year-olds who've applied to a special magnet school because they want to be software engineers (and presumably have at least some aptitude for it). That's a very different demographic.

Second, I coasted through my college intro to programming class (and the data structures / object-oriented programming class after that) on what I had taught myself back in middle school and high school. Anyone who can't do at least as well with a year (or less) of actual, dedicated instruction is completely unsuited to the field.

Comment: Re:Because girls just can not hack it with boys. (Score 1) 587

What, you mean with the trolling ACs spouting bullshit? Slashdot has always been that way.

More importantly, I'm right and you're wrong. Go use your reading comprehension skills to RTFS[ummary], specifically the sentence that says "Students in GALA will follow a six year sequence of computer courses starting in middle school that will culminate in AP Computer Science Principles."

Now fuck off.

Comment: Re:How much CO2 is generated.. (Score 1) 122

by dave420 (#49493947) Attached to: Breakthrough In Artificial Photosynthesis Captures CO2 In Acetate

Wow! With your half-thought-out idea you have overturned their entire field of research! Amazing! It's simply staggering that no-one thought of this before! Quick! To the rooftops!

Or, just maybe, they know more than you. I know, it's a concept you have difficulty accepting.

Comment: Re:Amazes me (Score 3, Informative) 122

by dave420 (#49493925) Attached to: Breakthrough In Artificial Photosynthesis Captures CO2 In Acetate

Just as many are gobsmacked by those who assume they know all there is to know about the issues surrounding global warming, and then use their stilted, malformed knowledge of the subject to condemn those who take a more rational, rigorous approach as being hoaxers or charlatans or whatever other pejorative springs limply to mind...

Ozone was a different problem, which has been largely alleviated by international action.

You really should brush up on your knowledge before proudly telling everyone just how little you know.

Ma Bell is a mean mother!