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Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 3, Interesting) 1834

As for stories, the biggest complaints people have are 1) the story is inappropriate (not something Slashdotters are generally interested in, something that seems like shameless advertising disguised as a story, etc

I for one enjoy the slashvertisements, as long as they are clearly marked as such.
I enjoy them because of the very nature of Slashdot: lots of knowledgeable people will comment on the product and tell me why it's good/not so good, or will show better replacements, better ways of doing the same thing a simpler way, etc. That's often precious and not seen anywhere else.

Comment Re:Already here (Score 1) 412

Personally I'm in favour of universial basic income, provided all other benefits are removed at the same time. You get what you get, and no, that won't let you live in a decent area of a major city, there won't be any extra payout for special needs, etc.

So once you're in that "basic income" system of yours, I guess you're stuck living in some ghetto and would have no way of getting out of it.

Comment Re:Not an issue. (Score 1) 55

That said I tend to agree with the OP on a point: allowing a piece of PHP to auto-update is a recipe for disaster. If you're not "in the biz", use a serious Linux distribution which will handle the packaging and updating for you. That what I do with Owncloud on Debian, and even if I'm a bit behind I'm sure I have a packet correctly updated, which is absolutely not the case with the upstream package. See this article for a discussion about the problem:

Comment Logitech G710+ (Score 1) 452

I've got this gamer keyboard although I'm no gamer, and I like it pretty much. It's mechanical (Cherry MX) but noiseless (rubber O-rings), backlit, with multimedia keys. The only drawback is the strange inverted decoration on some keys, but as I don't look to much at my fingers when typing it's OK for me.

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