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+ - Donate that older PC to a needy student->

Submitted by
BDZ writes "The Economist has an article posted with a suggestion of what to do with that old PC you are looking to ditch.

Instead of tossing, recycling or donating it to a school which will need to spend money in order to bring the machine up to speed why not donate it to a student who lacks a machine of their own?

From the article:

"The schools may not want your clapped-out computer — it costs them $400 or more to bring an old Windows machine up to snuff, and even more for a Macintosh. But quite a few students have a crying need for a computer at home."

"It would be nice to add more memory, a bigger hard-drive and a later version of the operating system. Unfortunately, that's not practical. But thanks to improvements in desktop versions of Linux, we can now do something better."

The author then goes on to describe testing done with a number of popular flavors of desktop Linux and makes suggestions about which are best for a young student."

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