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Comment: Re:Privacy? (Score 1) 776 776

If she signed any paperwork that consented to the app being installed, she pretty much waived any rights to privacy. The article doesn't specify, but I'm sure she signed something that allowed her employers to do this. Is it an invasion of privacy? No. You can't consent to something, and then revoke consent later on.

Comment: Re:Blame it all on our ancestors... (Score 1) 634 634

by B33rNinj4 (#49569189) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers
Great link! I'm not saying women are inferior, but there is a difference to how men and women view and interact with the world around them. However, there's this belief that we are all fully equal in every way, and to suggest otherwise is misogyny. That's not true. We are different. We need to stop thinking of that difference as being inferior, and just move the hell on.

Comment: Societal good? (Score 1) 634 634

by B33rNinj4 (#49567909) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers
"It may be about reframing the goals of engineering research and curriculums to be more relevant to societal needs. It is not just about gender equity — it is about doing better engineering for us all." Well, Nilsson is correct, in part. It's not about gender equality. It's about reorganizing an entire field of study to cater to a targeted group. That is not gender equality, it's feminist ideology. In today's society, if you cannot compete, the rules of play are changed. There's no incentive to become better; to improve yourself and demonstrate that you are a capable person.

Comment: Re:Wonderful. (Score 1) 255 255

by B33rNinj4 (#49530043) Attached to: Twitter Rolls Out New Anti-Abuse Tools
The SJW acronym still has meaning. I think we can both agree that legitimate death and rape threats are unacceptable. That being said, people who could be considered social justice warriors are tremendously quick to flip out over any perceived threat to their personal narrative. They use underhanded, mob-like tactics to force their distorted definition of life on everyone else.

Comment: Re:Too much. (Score 2) 210 210

by B33rNinj4 (#49146527) Attached to: Surgeon: First Human Head Transplant May Be Just Two Years Away

Mary Shelley tried to warn us of this a long time ago.

No, she did not. Also, Nostradamus didn't predict Hitler or the September 11th attacks. As for the ethics of the issue, that's a tough one. I agree with you that there "may" be a black market for this, eventually. This isn't like getting a gunshot wound treated at a back-alley clinic. With proper regulations, it can be controlled in a safe, ethical manner.

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