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Comment He's an idiot. (Score 1) 684

Screw Ed Regis. If we have that attitude, we'll never leave the fucking house. So what if it'll be difficult to endure? That's the fantastic part of it. The chance to forge out into the dark void, bringing the Emperor's light across the stars... Who would pass up that opportunity?

Comment I guess this could be fine...initially. (Score 1) 449

If the camps are designed to get girls interested in tech, and give them the confidence to pursue it, I see nothing wrong with it. Sadly, it'll be co-opted by the feminist-left and turned into a "Girl Power" circle-jerk. Men and women learn and process information differently. There's nothing wrong with that, but they also need to understand how to exist in a workspace with the opposite gender.

Comment Re:Privacy? (Score 1) 776

If she signed any paperwork that consented to the app being installed, she pretty much waived any rights to privacy. The article doesn't specify, but I'm sure she signed something that allowed her employers to do this. Is it an invasion of privacy? No. You can't consent to something, and then revoke consent later on.

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