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Comment: Re:I do have a question about this ..... (Score 2) 372

by Azmodan (#43980835) Attached to: Will PCIe Flash Become Common In Laptops, Desktops?
You are right. From the article : "Update: It's a custom Apple design, not M.2. Since there's no PCIe routed off of the CPU in Haswell ULT, these 2 lanes come from the on-package PCH." Look under the disk benchmarks.

+ - Raspberry PI outperforms Tegra 2 & doubles Iph->

Submitted by Azmodan
Azmodan (572615) writes "Anticipation for the launch of the Raspberry Pi $25 PC continues to grow as its launch window gets ever closer. Over the past few months it has been surprising to see what the tiny machine is capable of. It features an advanced graphics core that outperforms the GPU in iPhone 4S by a factor of two to one "across a range of content", according to claims made by the manufacturer ".

Complete article needs user registration :"

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