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Comment Re: If the black cabs have a legal monopoly... (Score 1) 215

The legal question is calling an uber calling a mini cab (closer to what we call a black car in new York, but the black cabs in London are like the yellow cabs in new york), or is it like flagging down a black cab.

If it's the equivelent of contacting a company with an itinerary, and not flagging down a driver as they pass, it is indeed legal.

Also, who the fuck cares about "the knowledge" anymore? It was amazing how good the cabs were in London, but there's GPS now. The knowledge is a lot less relevant.

Comment Re: SSN are not secret (Score 2) 57

In the early 80s, SSN became required to receive child tax deductions (I believe it was then, part of regan closing loop holes).

I suspect this is when you received your SSNs. I am born 81, but have the SSN of someone born a few years later myself.

The algorithm exists, but it's not based on birth, it's based on registration.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 208

Yeah, the summary sounds so stupid I'm almost tempted to read the article.

I think unfriending can be bullying, fo example if a group of people all decide to unfriend someone to ostricize them, or if someone tries to get other people to.

But simply unfriending someone that you don't wanna see their shit, and don't want them up in your personal life is totally fine (well should be).

Comment Re:Who doesn't want a gigantic money pit? (Score 1) 535

Apple consistantly bets on itself too.

They purchased a huge percentage of the world's flash market to release the ipod nano.

They purchased a huge amount of the retina screens before releasing the iphone with retina.

They buy up a huge percentage of the just now becoming mainstream tech, and for 6 months or so do it for cheaper than anyone else can possibly.

They'll likely do similar with cars.

Comment Re: Translated (Score 1) 451

In my focus it would cut acceleration if the wheels were spinning faster than the car was moving (ever so rarely when starting in rain and a decent amount in snow)

When trapped in snow or mud, you need to spin the wheels a little bit. Also when powering through a puddle you probably shouldn't be driving through

The owners manual explains reason one in the how to get out of a snow drift section.

Comment Re: Actually, the common saying... (Score 1) 354

The issue I had was with DOS 7 (the one that shipped as the loader for windows 9x). I couldn't remove enough to make it work, well I probably could spend five minutes skimming about DOS memory management now, and do it, but back then I couldn't figure it out.

If memory serves, I couldn't bump the mouse into higher memory and it was too large of a driver.

Comment Re:15? (Score 1) 354

Windows 7 remains my favorite multi-window UI.

The way it never takes over the whole screen when I hit "start", and the multi window hover from taskbar, with window snapping.

I haven't tried Windows 10, but it looks, at a glance, the same, but with an improved start menu.

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