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Comment: Re:Too bad! (Score 1) 141

by AvitarX (#48852309) Attached to: Iran Forced To Cancel Its Space Program

The run-up to the second US Iraq war was not indications that they were playing above board, simply that we could find no evidence that they had any WMDs (primarily gas being the one they had used in the past, which somehow is being classified in the same category as nuclear weapons).

They were not cooperative or open about what they were doing though, which would have been part of being above board.

Additionally, gas was found after the primary invasion recent reports say, the information was not shared because it was deemed a bigger embarrassment to have it shown that the gas was given to them by the USA than to not find them.

Note: not defending the war, but it's a little absurd to pretend that Saddam was above board with what he was doing, he was trying to act like he was hiding something as a form of posturing, probably thinking he could negotiate a deal where he gave up the "program" (that didn't exist, the weapons found were from the US)in exchange for something, not realizing the crazy the US populace was feeling at the time (and our government too).

Comment: Re:There's nothing wrong now... (Score 1) 487

by AvitarX (#48851823) Attached to: Windows 10: Can Microsoft Get It Right This Time?

Windows 9.x ran on top of DOS the same way Netware did, which is not at all.

But were TSR programs not background tasks? I had a CD player that was TSR, so no matter what I was doing, I could pull it up and play my CDs, though I suppose it may have been idle the entire time, and only sending commands to the drive when active (if memory serves correctly, CD ROMS were semi autonomous like that, and would simply stream audio to the soundcard, I think some even had a built in headphone jack).

Comment: Re:Obligatory Onion link (Score 1) 314

by AvitarX (#48823313) Attached to: Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing

There stock was always intriguing to me too. They had a USB powered two port VGA DA, which I love and use a lot for work, but that really can't be a high-demand item.

They also had 9 pin serial F-F extension couplings, but no VGA. I can't imagine the demand for either is that high, but the serial couplings in 2014 seemed quite unlikely to ever sell. I wouldn't even think to check for them at a Radio Shack if I was looking (I'd call independence computer stores).

Comment: Re:First look at what EFF has to say. (Score 1) 156

by AvitarX (#48823137) Attached to: Your High School Wants You To Install Snapchat

I think the greater point is that snapchat isn't about protecting from a malicious attacker, it's about protecting from accidents, and thoughtlessness.

The case of kids filming all over the place would probably not be snaps though, that sounds like something they'd want to keep (I don't know why, it just as I skimmed seemed like a game of collecting these things), but random sexy shots are completely the domain for snapchat, and if used normally protects from accidental leakage.

Comment: Re:You know? The ass long time in summer? (Score 1) 388

by AvitarX (#48822987) Attached to: UK Computing Teachers Concerned That Pupils Know More Than Them

In my area teachers get paid 190 day/year (180 teaching, I think the remaining 10 5 personal development and 5 split between grading and prep before the school year). Most spend another few days doing other things, the pay is paid out over 12 months, but earned at time of service (relevant if someone quits).

even at working 200 days, that's a lot of time off (normal work person is 260 days - 10 or 20 vacation - 5 holidays for 235, the teacher gets 7 extra weeks off).

I don't was to say teachers are over or under paid (it really does vary a lot), but it is pretty much the only career that gives you so much time off

If schools limit teachers to 3 preps (they're supposed to here, but don't), and give them a planning period (again they don't really do that as much as they're supposed to here), the amount of work outside of school is fairly minimal, especially keeping in mind a 7 hour official work day (7:30-3:00 with half hour lunch).

After a few years of teaching, the amount of time spent outside class drops dramatically as one has built up worksheets, lessons, etc, to share with the class.

Comment: Re:Obligatory Onion link (Score 1) 314

by AvitarX (#48822469) Attached to: Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing

There's one not too far away, it's not open on Saturdays, or past 4.

I think my story is false though, I think the last time I went was to get a charger for a Li-Ion battery that I broke the charger for.

The "universal" charger did not charge an 18650, because it was a quarter inch too short. I was pretty shocked.

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