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Comment: Re: Sounds familiar (Score 2) 135

by AvitarX (#49385229) Attached to: The End of College? Not So Fast

You're paying so that there's a sunk cost if you quit. That's my take away from the summary (how I read the evidence that most people quit MOOCs that are free).

I'd like to see a quit rate for ones that have a fee (not a huge one, but say a few hundred), and actually count for something concrete.

The upside of a college class in today's society is more than just knowledge, and the downside for quiting is wasted thousands of dollars. With that in mind, college classes (and college in general) have a huge quit rate.

Comment: Re: Or, from another perspective ... (Score 1) 117

by AvitarX (#49319725) Attached to: Universal Reportedly Wants Spotify To Scale Back Its Free Streaming

hmmm, sleep is good...

I think my vague point was that the free radio offered by Spotify is (usually) better than playing from my (or another's) music collection. The free Spotify radio eliminates the need to buy any music, because it's better than the music one would select and buy on their own.

Unlike radio, which was a way to advertise music to buy, I regularly see Spotify (and even Pandora with it's limited selection) as a substitute for ever needing to buy music, far more often than radio acted that way.

This is leaving aside the fact that Spotify allows for custom playlists, and not just radio from a desktop (for free).

I think really, what the labels should eliminate, if they're that concerned, is the free playlist organization on desktops though, most people I know are still unlikely to stream too much music on mobile due to bandwidth limits (the caching feature helps with this though).

Spotify, even the free version, eliminates the need for a music collection, as it's better than radio, and knows about artists I don't know about, and when picking a specific song I like to base a station on, it does an amazing job of throwing together a playlist.

Having said all that, I subscribe, first to Spotify, to use it in my car, and then to Google Play, because I can side load what it is missing (mostly local bands from my youth).

Comment: Re: Idiot Parents (Score 1) 569

Which isn't to say that you're entirely wrong, only that the shift for the typical decent person to get so animalistic makes them incapable of bad behavior because of other effects.

And some people are probably more inherently against "bad" actions than others. I'm sure that there's plenty of people that need their higher brain to over ride a feeling of disgust for certain things, that others need their higher brain to prevent (violence being an example of something that can be justified, but some people find absolutely repulsive, and others love), it takes all ttpea. (Literally, for the long term survival of a gene pool)

Comment: Re: Or, from another perspective ... (Score 3, Interesting) 117

by AvitarX (#49316219) Attached to: Universal Reportedly Wants Spotify To Scale Back Its Free Streaming

Of course it's hurting sales.

Radio stations based on a song are often superior to my collection. At work it's all we use now, yeah yeah, anecdote.

Radio stations that play what we want are better than Dj ing from our own collection, and way better than the radio.

I was converted to a paying customer to get specific songs when I wanted too though. I think that what they really should attack though is custom playlists on the desktop (to maximize revenue, as a happy paying customer, I just hope they don't kill the concept of music subscription, I don't know how I'd discover new music without one).

Comment: Re:Seriously doubt it. (Score 1) 389

That's actually not a terrible point, but would be even better handled with a smartwatch I'd think.

Also, some of us like to know how much longer we'll be waiting, or at work, or etc. While truly not needing to worry about time would be excellent, if I'm just chilling at home, and am meeting someone at 8, I may want to know if I have time to vacuum before I start getting ready or not, I don't see how notifications could tell me that.

Comment: Re:$30 Timex (Score 2) 389

Thank you for that wonderful post.

Sadly true.

But it is so nice not giving a fuck. I carry a purse, and nobody gives me shit about it, because old, and I'm not really even that old at all. I really like that part of life, we're all the cool kids now, we can all do us and nobody really cares.

Comment: Re:He's right (Score 1) 389

The Vertu doesn't look behind the times to me. It has everything I was looking for in a phone and looks great.

Still, not spending 12k on it, and the concierge benefits say a lot about who the target market is (those that don't know how to type on an internet connected device).

I'll get the leather on my Moto X for a 20th the price...

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