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Comment: Beauty of the Internet (Score 1) 202

by Auxis (#28494979) Attached to: The Battle Between Google and Facebook
The beauty of the Internet is that I'm not limited to asking questions to the peers around me in real life (or on some social network.) I've never used Facebook for anything else than looking at pictures of friends I haven't seen in years, keeping in contact with them, and trying to talk to the single ladies that I know. I can remember only one situation where a friend was interested in a subject (programming) which I offered to help him through a private message.
United States

+ - "Real Superheroes" Take to Streets to Figh->

Submitted by
Eli Gottlieb
Eli Gottlieb writes "In a case of reality-imitating-Watchmen, many cities and towns across America have witnessed the rise of so-called "real superheroes". These people actually dress up in elaborate costumes, often including real body armor, and take superhero-style names such as "Mr Xtreme" or "Dark Guardian" so that they can roam the streets stopping crimes-in-progress or even just helping out with the recycling. Apparently, the economic recession has made people, "realize that money is fleeting, it's in fact imaginary." They even organize on MySpace and their own website for the NYC area, Superheroes Anonymous.

No word on the presence or absence of blue glowing men with actual powers."

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+ - Microsoft Trying to Patent Parallel Processing 2

Submitted by
theodp writes "Microsoft may have been a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to parallel programming, but that's not stopping the software giant from trying to patent it. This week, the USPTO revealed that Microsoft has three additional parallel-processing patents pending — 1. Partitioning and Repartitioning for Data Parallel Operations, 2. Data Parallel Searching, and 3. Data Parallel Production and Consumption. Informing the USPTO that 'Software programs have been written to run sequentially since the beginning days of software development,' Microsoft adds there's been a '[recent] shift away from sequential execution toward parallel execution.' Before they grant the patents, let's hope the USPTO gets a second opinion on the novelty of Microsoft's parallel-processing patent claims."

+ - District Cancels Graduation due to IT insecurity-> 1

Submitted by jazzkat
jazzkat (901547) writes "In Centerburg, Ohio, the Centerburg Local School District canceled senior graduation this year. Why? Allegedly, a teacher left a drive share open and a test was stolen. One student admitted cheating, and claimed that he was the only guilty party. Various reports indicate that the school knew about it since January, and this teacher had a record of things like this. However, the school board waited until Thursday evening to tell parents that there would be no senior graduation."
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