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Comment: A growing preponderance of evidence (Score 1) 94

There are a lot of people who want to believe or not believe in certain outcomes, but this location in the Pacific has more verifiable nuggets of info that point more strongly in this direction than anywhere else.

I hope further experimentation (expeditions) yield a result that either confirms or invalidates the theory convincingly - just like in science! ;-)

I couldn't find the article in my search just now, but did recently read an account of a girl who claims to have listened to Earhart calling for help on her father's radio - and that she thought she heard Earhart say "New York City" repeatedly - which doesn't make sense. But apparently there was a wreck of a merchant ship named Norwhich City on that atol?

I hope they get the money for their next expedition.

Comment: Anonymous doesn't do product development (Score 1) 120

by AutumnLeaf (#41136221) Attached to: What Developers Can Learn From Anonymous

Sorry, but numerous, disjointed visions of what passes for good user-interface design, along with different standards for reliability doesn't sound like something I'm interested in at all. Especially if every user-interface panel requires me to push the "I'M A CHARGIN' MA LAZER" button before pressing "OK".

I'm getting sick of people generating web-hits by relating anything and everything to Anonymous.

Comment: Re:this story has another side (Score 1) 469

by AutumnLeaf (#37165164) Attached to: Former Wikileaks Spokesman Destroyed Documents

That's not another side of a coin. That's a justification-dance for unilateral actions that likely will shield a lot of criminal and unethical behavior from the public eye. I also the reject the "possession = ownership" argument - the data was on his hardware by virtue of his trust/status within wikileaks.

If he shredded the BoA docs, he can rot in hell.

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