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Comment: Maybe it is old age and observation (Score 2) 156

Seems to me that myths were presented successfully as facts back when dead-tree, radio, and television ruled the roost. Back then, you could scream about falsehoods in newspapers until you turned blue and your word only carried about as far as your voice. Today one can do a good Fisking of most of those articles and get some traction in a wider circle. The biggest problem is the successful rent-seeking efforts of larger, traditional media organizations wooing politicians into granting them special protections that are not afforded to anybody else performing the same tasks as them.
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Journal: Dang Wind

Journal by Austrian Anarchy

Was going to do a video walk around of the '72 Charger project car today, but the wind is a bit much, even though I am laying on the narration track later. I did find a bunch of soaked paper and cardboard in the trunk, probably due to leaf debris in the gutter around the trunk opening. Side marker in the quarter panel there is open too, so that might be part of it. Found a phosphoric acid based product for rust removal too, next video will be on how to select and use that stuff, along with

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Journal: Another Week, Another Blog

Journal by Austrian Anarchy

Decided to break out the details on my engine rebuild into its own blog: 318 Six-Pack. Yes, part of the project is building up a small block Dodge engine the way it should have come from the factory. The other part is the whole "sleeper" tradition :) Instead of an innocent gas-sipping 318 2 barrel under the hood, there will be a killer bunny rabbit. Original 318 block with the original markings stamped and cast for anybody to

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