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Journal Austrian Anarchy's Journal: Do you like Barney Miller?

Not sure if you do, but I LOVE the Barney Miller show. Here are a couple of my favorite episodes:
The Radical includes a scene that did not appear in reruns for a long time, where Yippie Jonathan Dodd makes his post-arrest phone calls and tries to contact Abbie Hoffman. Dodd has been "underground" living in Greenwich Village for nine years and is arrested for shoplifting at Cotterman's. He thinks his terroristic actions in the 1960s "stopped the war."
Uniform Day Lieutenant Dietrich opens a cold case that is about to expire seven years after the act (armed robbery of Cotterman's). His suspect has been hiding in his apartment the whole time. I had elements of this episode confused with the one above. My 1970s bank bomber book project brought both episodes to mind, but after seeing them again they really do not have that much to do with my bomber.

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Do you like Barney Miller?

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