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Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 58

If you're not trying to pull off a full end-run around the law - as you have been trying against the POTUS for years now - then what is your goal?

What the balls are you even talking about, dude? Here is Progressive ecstasy: to do something wrong (e.g. Chappaquaiddick) and then accuse the straight folk of "trying to pull off a full end-run around the law". Just fall off the planet and go right through the moon with your jackwagonry!

Comment Simply? (Score 1) 108

The best growth - in terms of people and income - of the middle class that our country ever saw was when the taxes were progressive. There is simply no way around those simple facts.

I'm ready to scuttle the Lovecraftian monstrosity that is the tax code and go with something simple. "Simple" tends to disperse power, though. So watch the Demmicans and the Republocrats get all strangely reluctant to, you know, reform stuff. Downright zany.

Comment Re:I should have thought of that (Score 1) 189

Way to miss the point. Well done. Continue with your agenda. Apparently it's all you know. My point is that if a bank is pointing towards a particular option it's because it's the one they are going to make the most money on (read that as it's the one everyone else is going to lose the most money on), period. Banking is merely legalized theft.

Comment Re:Epix was one reason they were forced to stream. (Score 1) 273

Of course he's left of center, here's why:

1. He calls himself a "Democratic Socialist" which is left of the democratic party which is itself left of the center in this country. Yea, I know he was "independent" but that does NOT mean center in this case, as he's his own brand of socialist light...

2. He's running to the left of Hillary right now, trying to erode her support with the democratic base. Hillary is running just left of center (well she's not really doing anything right now but staying out of the fray and cashing donor's checks) trying to protect her base and force Sanders et.al to run left of her because there is no room on the right in the democrat party. He will be forced further left in an effort to garner support from the base once Hillary unleashes all her money and actually starts the campaign...

3. It's what democrats ARE. They crowd the center from the left, just like the republicans crowd from the right. Democrats are generally left of center, almost without exception.

Sanders may want to SAY he's centrists, Clinton will run as one too. Heck, Obama ran as a centrist but he's been decidedly left of center in his policy and actions. Everybody wants to SAY they are "in the middle" but few really are. So my policy is to ignore what the candidates claim they are and look at their track records, assuming they have one. Obama was *clearly* a left of center politician even with his short record, and has lived up to my expectations fairly well. Sanders would make Obama look like George Washington if he made it to office.... Not that I'm worried he would, Hillary is going to squash him like a bug with all the money she has once she actually *starts* her campaign.

Comment Re:Has anybody ever heard of a firewall? (Score 1) 72

Re "government to do the most basic of functions that "a government" is created for, wielding the collective power of it's people. If a government can't protect it's own its not really fulfilling its purpose."
The database was created for needs of powerful contractors and expensive projects in plain text. The question about projects listed in letter of commendation, work history is the open question. What agencies, gov, mil where told they could keep their own internal lists is also interesting and over what years the unencrypted data was kept. Since the years after 2000? Encryption would have allowed nothing that readable to be found.

Comment Re:Epix was one reason they were forced to stream. (Score 1) 273

Oh how left we lean....

And I suppose his "I'm a democratic socialist" claim doesn't mean anything then... Not that he is a socialists but he does claim to be one... I'm prepared to believe he's pretty much to the left of center because that's what he claims he is, what most commentators call him, and what he appears to be to this guy on the right...

He may look centrist to you, but I'm guessing that's just a prospective problem on your part.

Comment Re: Just block any country that makes these claims (Score 1) 712

How does this censor me?

I'm not in any of these places. And even if I were, they're restricting advertising or the export of embargoed technology...

I can still call whomever a cocktoddler. Or advocate for insane ideologies. Or tell everyone about that thing that happened that is super embarrassing to certain powerful people.

Show me the censorship imposed by the US government on the internet at large?

The US refusing to allow certain technology to be easily moved out of the US into embargoed countries is hardly of relevance here.

If I post something critical of the US government on face book whilst living in Iran or North Korea is facebook going to be required to take it down as per US government rules?


So... Access Denied.

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