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Comment: Re:Photo realistic? (Score 1) 61

Its honestly pretty competitive with CG effects in movies. I mean, go back and watch the prequel starwars movies again. All the CG was obvious. The lighting is almost never perfect.

My personal favorite bad CG was that scorpion king mummy scene where the rock was turned into a giant insect and it looked seriously off. I'm not sure what it was... I'm assuming something with the lighting or shaders or something.

But really, if this is at all representative of what the game will look like, then I think it should be great.

Comment: Re:The power should be cached in the community (Score 1) 127

by Karmashock (#49505235) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

You don't need to cache that much power. Just enough to move power efficiently around a neighborhood. There are some centrifuges that have been used for that purpose in a few places. They spin up quickly and discharge quickly as well. And they can go back and forth repeatedly. Keep in mind, each one of these things is going to store only a few minutes of power each. But the point is render the power draw for the whole neighborhood ZERO while the neighborhood is producing a net positive. yes, the area will generate more than it uses at certain times and use more than it generates at others. But the utilities are having a hard time accepting the power. So people might have to accept that the point of their solar should be to ZERO out their bill rather than generating any kind of profit from it.

A small lead acid bank capable of driving a house for an evening isn't that expensive. There's no reason these people with solar panels couldn't cache the power locally. Again, not for long term storage. Just enough to take you through the night and maybe into the morning. At that point your panels are going to be getting light again and batteries will start recharging. The only time you'd use grid power would be if you got some cloudy days.

Comment: Re: Lets say yes so they put an FM radio on my pho (Score 1) 195

A text message blasted out by the phone company would do the trick.

Most cell towers have battery back ups so they'll continue to operate even when the power drops. Cell networks do tend to work even in brown outs. Just like your FM transmitters. For the same reason. Battery backups. I think the FM towers also have onsite generators.

As to carriers disabling the FM transmitters... how many flying fucking times do I have to specifically say that I specifically think that is specifically fucked up?

I can't be any clearer. It is literally impossible for me to be any clearer. You're killing me.

Again, I'd sooner put a satellite receiver in the phone then I would an FM receiver. The sat receiver is at least useful for more than getting shitty progressive rock. I might be able to get a clean digital signal from space.

Here is one thing they could do that would improve my impression of FM, do the same thing to FM that they did to over the air TV. Make it go digital. Absent that... no.

And again... YES, they shouldn't turn your FM radio off if it is already in the fucking phone. 100 percent with you. You want to line the carrier executives against a wall and shoot them in the face for that? Signed. I'll go for that. Shoot them in the eyes. I won't stop you.

But don't tell me EVERY phone has to have an analog FM receiver in it. Give me a fucking break.

Comment: The power should be cached in the community (Score 1) 127

by Karmashock (#49504887) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

Have hierarchies of power distribution.

Federal... or across state lines

The management of solar power should be bounced around a neighborhood. It doesn't need to go farther than that. That means the federal, state, county, and city networks all remain clean. No back feeding of power.

Each segment could also fall under different jurisdictions and be the responsibility of different institutions. That might be helpful or not. It should be done to the extent it is helpful.

Here some complete asshat will tell me "but in this circumstance it might not be helpful"... then don't do it in that circumstance. I wouldn't need to explain this if reading comprehension were especially dependable on this site.

Then we really need to work on storage. If these houses can store their power then they might not need to be connected to the grid at all.

Comment: Re:Compensation delays? Hardly. (Score 1) 51

by Karmashock (#49504847) Attached to: US Military To Recruit Civilian Cybersecurity Experts

It doesn't fucking matter

Jesus Autistic Christ. >__

The point was "high demand labor"... which includes anyone that has special skills that are not easily trained to acquired in the market.

I gave an example a CEO because that is the most extreme example. But that same example also works for medical professionals, computer professionals, engineering professionals, scientific professionals... and anyone else that has skills that are rare in the general population.

The problem is that the government has pay grades. Fixed tiers of compensation. Those tiers work fine for most people. They're fucking useless for anyone exceptional that must be paid significantly more.

In regards to you absurd strawman that I'm suggesting we secede from the government because there is some waste and incompetence in the government... is that really the only option you're capable of accepting? So in your mind, I either have to accept anything the government might do... and amount of incompetence... or I have to secede? Really?

Please quote the bit where I said we should secede from the federal government. Quote me, bitch. I said that no where. What is up with the fucking straw men today? Seriously? Can none of you fucks make a coherent argument without misrepresenting your opposition?

I'll tell you what. I'll defend seceding from the federal government if you defend your rampant pedophilia. Tell me why you keep supporting bestiality and necrophilia.

No where in your post did you say anything about that. But apparently that isn't required for me to pretend that you did... by your own fucking example.

You owe me apologies asshole. You won't offer them... which will just mean you're a degenerate... to which I'll just say eat all the dicks. Every last one.

Comment: Re:Wasn't there a study that said the opposite? (Score 1) 503

No I didn't, the post you quoted was me justifying snapping at someone... being rude to them. I did not say they were wrong because I disagreed with them. I said I was harsher with him than usual because... I'm assuming YOU have been trolling me. I don't believe there are more then one or two of you idiots. And the fact that the troll in question has tried repeatedly to pretend to be someone else makes me question every AC I see. Given that you're another AC shithead... I have to keep in mind that you could be that guy.

I'm not going to read further in your post because you're clearly just pulling the AC troll bullshit. You're bringing up posts where I was dealing with AC trolls and you're trying to justify a straw man.

This is how I'm going to respond to you going forward. I'm going to identify a single lie or fallacy or aspect of an argument you must address... I'm going to wait for you to do it and when you don't (which you won't because ACs are cowardly shitheads by default apparently)... I'm going to just repeat the same challenge rendering any further dialog meaningless until you address that point.

So I say again, cite where I said that someone was wrong because I disagreed with them or admit you tried to straw man me... and failed.

Or do what I am all but certain you'll do... stall, dodge, and make excuses for yourself. This will be interpreted as a concession. When you do this I will either repeat the question again until you answer it or just stop responding to you in that thread. You'll follow me to then next. But I'll just do the same thing every time.

I'm tired of your lies. They're not even clever.

Comment: Re:Lets say yes so they put an FM radio on my phon (Score 1) 195

As to 2G, it isn't for phone calls and text messages.

And even if it were, that would again mean that you should run your signal over whatever the prevailing protocol is at the time.

one fellow was saying "but what if everyone tries to make calls at the same time and it overwhelms the system"... a text message won't overwhelming anything. In fact, during emergencies if they restricted communication to text messages the system would never get congested. Ten million people could all send texts at the same time over and over again and the system would hold.

No, we should go back to carrier pidgeons because what happens if your towers lose power?

or I don't know, we could have a guy taken around on the back of a donkey screaming the news to people.

The FM system is retrograde. If some people still like it, fine... keep it active for them. But don't impose that shit on everyone else. There are a million ways to make the existing cell network perform the relevant function without forcing them to put in an FM antenna.

Unless you want an FM antenna for music and you're pissed that the carriers keep disabling them even if they are in the machine. Then I understand your point.

But on a health and safety stand point? Laughable.

Comment: Re:Lets say yes so they put an FM radio on my phon (Score 1) 195

That's fine. I'm not saying FM radios are stupid and anyone that uses them is an asshole... am I?

No. I'm saying that the government shouldn't require cell phone makers or carriers to have FM radios built into the phones.

Now that said, one thing that does annoy me is when the FM radio feature is disabled by the carrier for no fucking reason. Often to make people want to buy their streaming music service more or something equally pathetic. THAT is fucked up. And I'd pass a law against that any day.

But don't force people to put an FM radio in the phones. Get real.

Comment: Me personally? no.. (Score 2) 195

I am a ham radio operator, I have a significantly higher chance of survival than the rest.

If people really cared about safety they would take the time to learn CPR, basic First Aid, and things like ham radio or gain knowlege in how to increase their odds.

Dancing with the stars and Americas got Talent are far more important to the general population.

Comment: Re:Kangaroo Court! (Score 1) 30

by Lumpy (#49504591) Attached to: DIA Polygraph Countermeasure Case Files Leaked

No people want to feel like they are safe at the revocation of all freedoms.

Feeling safe is the most important thing to them. Help me feel safe Government! Bad people are allowed to buy electronics without a license! Bad people can build things! They must be TERRORISTS!

Save us from the people that have an IQ above 100 oh holy government!

Dumb people want security Smart people want freedom.

Sadly the smart are outnumbered by the dumb 3 to 1

Comment: Re:Compensation delays? Hardly. (Score 1) 51

by Karmashock (#49504551) Attached to: US Military To Recruit Civilian Cybersecurity Experts

Government employees are typically better paid then their private sector counter parts.

The exception is high demand labor of any kind. Someone able to run a company as CEO is going to get more money in the private sector than in the government's employ. However if you're a paper pushing cubical monkey then you will get better pay and job security in the government.

The issue is whenever people say the government should play some employee more they tend to mean ALL of them. And that's neither reasonable nor sustainable. The result is that you over pay for low to middle skilled people and then under pay the top talent.

yes yes... no big pay discrepancies are politically incorrect these days. It doesn't matter. The guy I'm talking about can turn your job down and go to the private sector and make more money. The cubical monkeys working for the government can't do that. They'll be paid worse in the private sector because the government is typically over paying them. There is a reason that the area around Washington DC is the highest income growth sector in the country, has the strongest realestate market, and is generally the healthiest economy. All those office workers are being paid better in DC than anywhere else in the country.

And here some bright spark will say "well then why don't we do that everywhere!"... the answer being that it isn't especially sustainable only doing it at the level it is already done at... expanding it beyond this point is a little like saying "that shot of heroine was good, lets double it!"... what could possibly go wrong?

Comment: Re:Lets say yes so they put an FM radio on my phon (Score 1) 195

Quote the bit where I said they shouldn't make emergency broadcasts over FM radio. Do so now please or admit that you just tried to straw man me.

What I am saying is that if you have a cell phone... it doesn't have to have an FM radio built into it by law just for your fucking emergency broadcasts.

Comment: Re:Lets say yes so they put an FM radio on my phon (Score 1) 195

so you want to mandate that all cellphones have a built in FM radio?

There has to be a way to accomplish the same thing with the existing antenna that handles phone calls and text messages. You want a different protocol on the same frequency just for emergency broadcasts? Fine. Sounds stupid but its less obnoxious then requiring every phone have an antiquated communications protocol imposed on it simply because no has bothered to think of a robust communications protocol that could go over the existing antenna.

I would sooner opt for every phone to have a satilite antenna rather than an FM antenna.

And what is more, there is no way the FM antenna is going to do ANYTHING unless someone turns on the FM tuner. The text message would get someone whether they were listening for a disaster report or not. Your FM idea would only help people that were actively listening.

What is the alternative? Keep the FM tuner on constantly? Battery life on these smartphones is already shit without forcing the FM tuner to be on all the time.

This is a bad idea.

Make your alert system work on the existing 2G antenna or - "no". Just no.

Comment: Re: Lets say yes so they put an FM radio on my pho (Score 1) 195

So let me get this straight... text messages aren't reliable, but someone with their cellphone tuned to the emergency broadcast channel on their cell phone is something you'd rather rely upon?

Allow me to roll my eyes at you dramatically.

Civilization, as we know it, will end sometime this evening. See SYSNOTE tomorrow for more information.