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Journal Journal: Find it without FOIA

I spoke at PhreakNIC 18 on Halloween evening about alternative informations sources to FOIA. It came from my first book length project, "Time Bomber: The Movement in Amerika" and how Vault.FBI.Gov, and other sources, proved to be more informative than any FOIA request or denial, including finding copies of a bomber's notes and his bomb components.

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Journal Journal: David Brinkley's FBI File

I've been submitting FOIA requests for various things related to a book project for over a year now, and most were rejected. They accepted my request for David Brinkley's file and the disk arrived today. Here is the result, lots of cool info but nothing for my project, lol. Seems like a few people wrote the FBI inquiring if he was a Communist through the years, and a woman tried an extortion att

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Journal Journal: The FBI is a PITA

Yes, government as a whole is too but the FBI is especially a pain. For a book project, I did a few FOIA requests that I've mentioned various places. They will not even supply information that they have released in the past, but is no longer available through their regular publications, and they use "the person in question is still alive" as their catch-all denial mechanism. Including denying requests for FBI wanted posters of a guy who is still at large.
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Journal Journal: Guardians of the Galaxy short review 2

Guardians of the Galaxy a short review. I don't rehash what most of the other reviewers said, and links are provided to some good ones, along with an interview of James Gunn. Focus is more on some of the Easter Eggs or Hat Tips to other work I noticed. Plus, video of some of the songs used in the film by Redbone and The Runaways. Hope you enjoy.

Comment Re:Controlling prices? (Score 1) 192

Self-published books are looked down on for a reason. I've "bought" some self-published stuff for $0 on amazon. It's pretty bad. It's basically as if the author had an idea for a story, put it down on paper, and submitted the pdf. The stories have potential sometimes, but the writing is just bad. A mix of short 4 word sentences and half a page run on sentences. Descriptions that are just repeated every several pages. Whole books written in the format of: I walked through the door. I looked at the guy. I said this. He said that. I walked back to the other place. I shot the alien. I picked him up. The alien was gross and ugly. I carried him back to the first place.

Just because you self-publish doesn't mean you don't need an editor.

Be that as it may, those are not the people we are talking about here. The topic is published authors at particular publishing houses whining about the retail price placed on their books. Books which they could have easily published, using exactly the same words, without a "publisher."

Comment Controlling prices? (Score 2) 192

Any author can publish nearly anything he wants through Kindle electronically, or CreateSpace in paper and he has control of the price at either one. Both have competitors too, like LightningSource, that have better access to dirt-world bookstores and provide electronic publishing services. If these authors want to be paid more per book, there is not a blessed thing stopping them from doing it right now.

Comment Re:Helicopters (Score 1) 133

Well, having been in an (German) Army Helicopter unit the "tight interaction" between ground troops and flying units requires stuff that fixed-wing aircrafts are not really good at. They can't stand still in the air, the cant land vertically in tight spaces (without burning people with jet exhaust like a VTOL jet would) , etc...

Basically anything fast/long-range/big is usually handled by the air force planes (or helicopters), while slow/agile/close coordination with ground troops is handled by the army air corps. Usually with helicopters, although some planes are used by armies, like the Britten-Norman Defender by the British army.

Very true, and try getting the Air Force to support a JAAT (speaking late coldwar here) without 30 days notice or some BS. If you needed close air support, the Navy and the Marines needed to be nearby.

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