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Comment Re:Sincerely, good luck (Score 1) 621

someone thinks Linus is problematic for political reasons

More or less ensuring that people who would have to do real work on this, for free, probably aren't going to be interested for very long. Now if this project has extreme technical merit, there will no doubt be a push to get it merged back in the kernel once it proves itself out.

Comment Re:Obligatory Jeff Goldblum... (Score 1) 447

If this was the exact same service except for drivers instead of "people", I'm sure everyone would be saying this is the best thing since... campaign finance reform? Well, probably even better than that.

If it stored license plates, car make/models sure and could be integrated on to an overlay to be used that way rather than for rampant defamation, absolutely. But then you are channelling badanalogyguy. It's not the same thing.

The same is true with life. (paging badcaranalogy guy) There are plenty of toxic people running around out there, and the less time you manage to spend with them the better off you are.

You will end up avoiding a lot of good people and that can be really bad for those good people whoare being defamed. Mohammed Ahmed? I bet his peeple profile is going to be a RIOT. And he'll never be able to live down some goofy thing he did when he was 14. If I had every retarded thing I ever did at 14 dialoged on the internet I'd probably have a hard time getting employed at Walmart.

It doesn't matter what is true, it matters what you can substantiate or imply, and I can substantiate and imply a whole lot, none of it is strictly illegal nor will get kicked off by their rules but a whole lot of it is destructive.

Comment Obligatory Jeff Goldblum... (Score 5) 447

[social network entrepreneurs] were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should

This is truly a terrible idea that can serve no good end except to that segment of the population that judges itself on popularity through conformance. My HOA would love this. I can't wait until this starts being used on job interviews.

I for one intended to get out my personality pink plastic flamingos and get ready for the apocalypse.

Comment Re:Bias? Or reality? (Score 5, Interesting) 444

If the tests are too easy, the kids aren't "gifted."

If they don't pass the test, then they aren't "gifted."

If the test uses words they don't understand, then what words would the researcher suggest the tests use that aren't "culturally biased?" Using three letter words well isn't a sign of ability.

No the entire program is bullshit designed to reduce funding and weed out people, all while being couched in terms of "special education". I am going to assume that Houston's school district is similar to where I live elsewhere in Texas, but possibly less well funded. First, to get your kid in "TAG" requires him to be "identified", this means a teacher or a parent must first request him to be tested. A teacher will almost never do this, almost every person who worked with my son, except his teacher told us about the program and said we need to get him in it, but his teachers never said a word, all while they were saying his math and reading were so high they could not "max him out". So as a parent you must get involved and make it happen, easier for me as a relatively high income person with a flexible job. Not easy if you have to work fixed hours.

Then, you have to know the TAG testing schedule, at least where I am that's November, meaning if you have a Kindergarten student you want in. It's not frequently well advertised and you have to know that "TAG" means "Talented and Gifted", which is not always as well known. If you miss the deadline your child is apparently not gifted. Then you have some questions to fill out, of the free-form variety, where you describe the ways in which your child is gifted. You have to use the proper words, taken from the paperwork, most of which consists of terms I am fairly certain psychology ditched decades ago. You see they want a "gifted child" not merely a child who "is hard working". You have to make it clear your child is gifted, even though, as far as I'm concerned if your hard working child looks and acts the same as a gifted one, what's the biggie? Also, by the way, once your child is in the program he IS in fact going to be put (after 2nd grade) on an accelerated program for Math & Science that will culminate in him being far ahead of his peers, and will have considerable extra project load some of which will involve parental involvement, so honestly he better be willing to work and stick to it. But hey, this is all just funding pillow talk baby, let's play the game. You must write free form prose, not so hard for well educated people, but it might be really hard if your own education is poor, definitely this favors those who work in certain environments or get lots of practice writing lengthy essays.

Then in January, children whose parents properly jumped hoops get to take a 4-day long test which allegedly assesses the child's giftedness in a way that can't be prepared for. Of course they don't really believe that either, so they don't tell you what test he will be taking, nor do you get to help prepare your possibly very gifted but also possibly immature child for a long ordeal. So now you send your little 5-yo in for a "nationally normed" standardized test which allegeldy assesses his IQ based on these topics: Math, Science, Reading/English & Social Studies. Now as far as I know, ones IQ is independent of academic subjects, but this is what they say the test will divine. Did I mention that there are private programs available for people with money to prepare kids for this test? There are, if you can afford it.

Then there is the selection phase. So you've done all this work, your child has taken a test whose results you never saw, and they decide whether to admit him or not. Good News: there are only X spots available per grade level, so while your child may be certifiably gifted there may not be enough space for him and thus he is not gifted anymore because he can't also be gifted along with the other gifted kids. He doesn't get in? Good news, you can take the test again every 2 years, because giftedness can't manifest in a year, it takes at least 2 to grow to full bloom. Or something.

But hey, mine got in, phew, all that is over he is set for the remainder of his education (once you get in you stay in unless you elect to leave, no retest). Remember I described above how they wish to distinguish gifted students from merely hard working ones? More pillow talk baby, there's some hard work ahead. While they will get some special instruction (and that alone IS worth the effort), it really is a lot more plain old work. Two extra projects per year of the kind most students know and dread, plus everything is competitive: all projects, extra curricular's etc. are basically sports, where kids are competing for 1st prize. It's not actually about the quality or value of their research, it's just a way for a school to measure itself against another. Your kids will be so busy trying to be #1 and maintain visibility that I suspect the actual utility of their education and the opportunity to apply the knowledge they are learning will be lost in the usual football-esque nonsense. Honestly if not for the fact that my son WILL get accellerated math and science, I'd have pulled him out already and written the whole escapade off.

None of this is how it should be in a public school and you bet your ass it favors well educated, involved parents who want to make it happen and know how to play the white collar game. In reality, all children should be tested for whatever criteria of giftedness makes them require special educational instruction. All children with a need for that instruction should be getting it. And for children who work hard and are learning at an accelerated pace, whether because they are geniuses or because their parents are spending a lot of time at home helping them learn faster, should have accelerated classrooms for them (i.e. bring back advanced, regular & remedial classes).

It's all money, it's racist I think by accident in most cases, but it is utter bullshit and I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Comment Troll Level - 10 Infinities! (Score 1) 308

A major goal in life is to REMOVE windows from my life, not to put it in more places. If it weren't for games, I could eliminate the contagion completely.

Ain't no chance in hell I'm putting windows on Things(tm) in my house that might do something important, like climate control. Every russian and chinese hacker in the world will be having thermostat wars in my house, and I've already got a Wife(1.0) for that particular feature.

Comment Re:Logic (Score 1) 250

Because teenagers and young adults don't, and arguably have more places to be and more ability to get there without mom and dad driving them. But I can say without question that my kid ignores the WiiU, he loves his iPad and he loves his PC, it's consoles he doesn't seem to care for.

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