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Comment: This is hardly new (Score 3, Interesting) 124

by AuraSeer (#45478113) Attached to: New Smart Glasses Allow Nurses To See Veins Through Skin

We already have technology that does this. We have hand-held devices that shine near-infrared light through the skin and make the veins show up just fine.

They have significant problems, which this system shares. Most importantly, they show *all* veins, including all the ones which can't be cannulated because they are too small, too fragile, or too badly scarred. You have to palpate (feel) the vein to assess whether it's suitable, and if you can palpate it, you don't need to see it at all.

Also, they really only work at all on caucasian skin.

Further, this system is kind of ridiculously expensive. Even though the prices have dropped on commodity displays, microprocessors, 3G and wifi, and all those bells and whistles, it's still a complex piece of gear. We may as well pay for a bedside ultrasound which costs no more, is more precise, and is useful for a lot more than just IV starts.

Comment: Re:This isn't miraculous. It's merely fortunate. (Score 2) 121

by AuraSeer (#38491268) Attached to: Satellite Piece Crashes Through Man's Roof

Perhaps I picked the name because I used to get migraines. Those can come with focal neurological symptoms called "aura," ranging from nausea and vertigo all the way up to hallucinations.

Or maybe I'm a big hippy.

Or else I created the username fifteen years ago, it seeemed to sound good at the time, and I no longer remember the exact reason.

What's the difference?

Comment: Re:This isn't miraculous. It's merely fortunate. (Score 5, Funny) 121

by AuraSeer (#38491168) Attached to: Satellite Piece Crashes Through Man's Roof

I didn't say it was a miracle. "Miraculous" as an adjective can mean something looks similar to a miracle. It does not necessarily imply that an event is literally due to the intervention of a supernatural divine force.

But hey, thanks for your input anyhow, Easily Offended Overly Dramatic Atheist Guy Who Takes The Slightest Excuse To Announce His Atheist Atheism. I keep hearing stories about you but it's nice to finally meet you in person.

Comment: This isn't miraculous. It's merely fortunate. (Score 4, Insightful) 121

by AuraSeer (#38491076) Attached to: Satellite Piece Crashes Through Man's Roof

"Miraculous" should be reserved for things that are difficult to believe, or at least wildly improbable. If the satellite fell out of the sky and hit the guy in the face, but he walked off unscathed, then you could say he "miraculously escaped injury."

But being missed by the debris is not a miracle. It just demonstrates how small a target a person is.

Comment: Re:It'll stop in a few years (Score 5, Funny) 721

by AuraSeer (#31355240) Attached to: Using Classical Music As a Form of Social Control

Easy there, that makes sense and this is the government we are talking about

Oh, if we're talking about the UK government, that's even easier. Just mention to a local official that the music contains lots of "sharp" notes. They'll spring into nanny mode, and require that all the speakers be entombed in Nerf so that nobody cuts themselves.

Comment: Re:estoppel? (Score 1) 306

by AuraSeer (#28230879) Attached to: RIAA Wants To Bar Jammie From Making Objections

The RIAA has an additional argument that seems to me to have some validity, namely the expense of obtaining certified copies on an expedited basis. But isn't that actually a basis for a request for a continuance, or for permission to submit the certificates after the start of trial?

Unfortunately they have painted themselves into a corner on that one. The defendant had been asking for delay, because she recently changed attorneys, but RIAA argued strenuously that the hearing date must not be changed. They were successful on that point. But now that they find themselves without these documents they really need, they cannot contradict themselves and start arguing for more time.

Comment: Re:Vapor Fluff. (Score 5, Funny) 212

by AuraSeer (#27879271) Attached to: Lala Invents Network DRM

If your computer is playing it to you, you obviously did download it, and it obviously resides somewhere in your system's memory.

They thought about that. The audio data itself never actually gets to your computer; it all resides on the server and is played from there.

They just need really, really big speakers so you can hear the music from your house.


+ - Scientist: Feds are blocking hydrogen fuel

Submitted by
Lucas123 writes "A Purdue University engineer and National Medal of Technology winner says the federal government is blocking development of a new method of creating hydrogen fuel as a clean energy alternative to gasoline. The professor is claiming the government won't fund the research of a process already proven to work. '"Egos" at the U.S. Department of Energy, a key funding source for energy research, "are holding up the revolution,"' Professor Jerry Woodall said. The method uses an aluminum alloy to extract hydrogen from water — a process that he thinks could replace gasoline as well as its pollutants and emissions tied to global warming. The hydrogen is generated on demand, so you only produce as much as you need when you need it.'"

+ - The Rise of Bionic Eyes

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The trick to restoring vision in people blinded by injury or disease may be to bypass the eyes entirely. By establishing a connection between a video device and the part of the brain that receives visual stimuli, researchers have shown that the brain can interpret electronic signals in the same way it interprets light waves. 2007/424/2"

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