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Comment try homeschool and watch the pace (Score 1) 700

Bottom line up front (BLUF). My recommendation is; Try the homeschool over the summer if you find your child is NOT keeping up to a pace to complete within a year then enroll them in a brick and mortar school in the Fall and maybe keep going on the home school curriculum as a supplement. Background: Neither my wife nor I were educated in the United States so we didn't have a good frame of reference for what to expect from the school system here. Our oldest son went to a great full day preschool and we (all 3 of us) were really happy with the activities, soccer, piano, taekwondo that they offered. For the first half of kindergarten, we sent him to public school which in this school district is only half day. He was bullied when they weren't teaching and bored when they were since he had covered all the same material in pre-K. We pulled him from that and sent him to a private school that offered full day Kindergarten. 3 years later, we can't afford the private school anymore and put him back in public school and his homework takes him less than 10 minutes. They put him in a gifted/independent study program that only happens a few hours a week. Our youngest we home schooled using a state approved curriculum and now our oldest is also using the same homeschooling program over the summer to skip grades in the public schools because the state says that the public schools have to accept it. Kids are sponges they are going to retain what ever they are interested in and is near enough for them to reach so home/private/public doesn't matter as much as exposure and practice.

Comment some ideas (Score 1) 720

Some ideas; Do check this link Contribute to open source projects when you don't have work Freelance through the elance or other coder for hire type sites Start your own IT support company/freelance/contract/game development, whatever your strongest skills are Get your company registered as a state/federal contractor and bid

Comment Re:Circular logic (Score 1) 331

I agree. if the CFO says they the IT department is operating at twice budget for a company their size that pretty much cut and dry for replacing the head of IT. 2nd choice if the guy can't be fired. I see this a lot. Instead of quitting. I would go with 1. plan to train that person, something like obtaining a PMP or other appropriate training or personal development goal that would get him the tools he needs to be an effective manager. 2. Reorganize so that he less negative impact. Pull out a reorganization plan. maybe, split out overhead often IT services(support for the functional areas) from the IT as an R&D/ profit center. that kind of thing. 3. Create a new positon for him where he has no real authority. You see this at a lot of companies. These people have titles like "Subject Matter Expert", "Cyber Visionary", "IT advisor", "Futurist", etc... Maybe suggest hiring an enterprise architect so that all IT projects must meet the constraints of the Enterprise. create a process improvement, 6sigma or whatever group that must sign off on the requirement for an IT solution to the process improvement effort. etc...

Comment sharp (Score 1) 117

in korea, they call this the sharp symbol. so, sharp just sounds like a cool name for apartment complexes. there are several complexes all over the country built by posco (i think) with the # symbol on them.

further, many complexes, like the daewoo trump complex i lived in had an elevated playground and fitness center. so, while this is a kind of neat variation. it is hardly news.

Comment that used to be us (Score 1) 990

friedman and forgothisname suggested in their book that there are basically 4 classes work creative creators, routine creators, routine servers, and creative servers routines will be automated so if your job is one of those categories then you need to be more creative there was a sci-fi story where you place in society was based on your ability to wear out the stuff that robots made, the protaganist found a way to turn his robots into consumers, been so long that i forgot author and title another comment is that according to some singularity proponents we don't have to figure it out we just have to task the robots and super computers to figure it out. let's just remember to include paramaters like exterminating humans is bad, using us as a power source while trapping us in the 90s is also bad

Sharks Seen Swimming Down Australian Streets 210

As if the flood waters weren't bad enough for the people of Queensland, it now appears that there are sharks swimming in the streets. Two bull sharks were spotted swimming past a McDonald’s in the city of Goodna, Butcher Steve Bateman saw another making its way past his shop on Williams street. Ipswich councillor for the Goodna region Paul Tully said: "It would have swam several kilometres in from the river, across Evan Marginson Park and the motorway. It’s definitely a first for Goodna, to have a shark in the main street."

How To Make a Good Gaming Sequel 150

Kantor48 writes "In today's world of unimproved gaming sequels and saturated franchises, Arthur Kabrick looks at the best and worst sequels in recent history, and compares the changes they've made to the formulae of their franchises. By doing this, he comes up with a list of lessons that any game developer creating a sequel should follow, if at all possible, to ensure that the new game is a step up, rather than a step sideways or, as in some cases, a step down. The criteria include ensuring the game does not spend too much time in development, updating technology, and trying not to change the development team, as well as being wary of changing the basic formula so much that fans of the franchise are alienated."

Comment worked for 2 companies that did this... (Score 1) 1055

1. Generally, your managers always try to convince you to move your personal appointments to the off friday and start enforcing leave/sick leave/PTO if you don't. 2. IT workers usually have to do all their disruptive stuff on the off friday in return for future comp time that never materializes or ends up looking more like 5x8 anyway. Despite that, the occasional long weekend where you can get away to someplace on a friday that is usually way crowded on the weekends makes it worth it.

Journal Journal: Colombian blogs under political attacks

In an amazing move of political intolerance some hacker, possibly using social engineering, have shutdown a lot of colombian blogs (the full list in spanish here) using the name of a recognized right wing blog. The victims of the attacks are primary political blogs which doesn't support the national government. But other arguments

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